Hey guys!

So recently, we discovered this new Urban Decay line of products and at first we were a bit sceptical as a lot of makeup removers always have trouble completely removing makeup in one go but we were actually SOOOO wrong!! These products were AMAZING!



So to let you guys in a little secret, today we actually filmed our very first VIDEO!!!!! It was quite confusing to be completely honest, but it was fun and tiring however we are very excited to see the final product.

Now seeing that this is our first video we’re basically certain that there’s going to be areas where improvements can be made so hopefully in the future we will be able to improve vastly and quickly ahahahha. So please keep an eye out for updates in regards to that =D ❤

Alright, onto the actual post. Today whilst filming a haul video, one of the product mentioned is this JimmBENNY Intensive Brightening Mask.