Estée Lauder | Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup

Hey guys!

We hope you guys had a good Easter! We know it’s been a while since we’ve posted and we’re quite behind with all the new makeup being released, but we decided we should definitely let you guys know about the ones we loved the most since we’ve been away!

So as you can probably tell by the title of this post, this will be on the newest foundation release by Estée Lauder which we know has been released in other countries a lot earlier but we were actually waiting FOREVER for it to come to Australia. Being HUGE fans of the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation, we had high hopes for their new product and it DEFINITELY did not disappoint!

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Chanel | Le Correcteur De Chanel & Le Correcteur Couleur

Hey guys!

So today we thought we would do a post of the new concealers and colour correctors that Chanel released! So we actually saw that it came out a while ago internationally and we were like OMG being big fans of Chanel makeup, the moment it was released around a week ago, we were literally rushing to go try them out! So if you want to know what we thought of them, them keep on scrolling!

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Dior | Rouge Dior | Double Rouge

Hello guys,

So yes it is another lipstick review today and yes once again it is from Dior. Now we know we do A LOT of lipstick review but why honestly can’t help it. It is one of our favourite makeup products and brands are literally just releasing new products left and right so what else can we do.

Anyway onto the actual post, today we will be reviewing the Double Rouge lipsticks by Dior so if you are interested, please keep on scrolling!

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Giorgio Armani | Ecstasy Shine Lipstick

Hello everyone,

Recently it seems as if a lot of brands have been bringing out balm textured lipsticks and trust us when we say we’re not complaining. Traditional lipsticks are nice and definitely the way to go for most occasions but balm textured lipsticks are just really nice for those days where you’re lips are a little dry but a lip balm will just wash you out.

So if you are interested in our views on the Ecstasy Shine Lipstick, please keep on reading.

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FENTY BEAUTY | Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

Hey guys!

So if you didn’t know, Rihanna launched her own makeup brand yesterday! And we in Australia were HYPED that we were actually the first ones to try it out!!! As there are so many products, we decided to separate them so today’s post will solely be on the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters and we will link all the others when we do post them up! So if you do want to know what we thought of her new highlighters, keep reading!

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Giorgio Armani | My Armani To Go Cushion

Hello guys,

Today we FINALLY decided to write about Giorgio Armani’s FIRST EVER CUSHION FOUNDATION. We’ve actually been putting off this post for a while because we only wore it for a day or two and then we started trying other foundation so now we are finally back to Armani which subsequently brings us to this post.

With cushion foundation you either love it or loathe. So please keep reading if you want to know our opinion on this product.

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