Christopher Kane | Fall 2018 Ready To Wear

Hey guys!

Happy new year! We realise we haven’t posted in a long time but we thought why not start fresh with the Chinese New Year? So with London Fashion Week going on currently, we thought we would do a post on a brand that we have been loving. As you can probably tell from the title, this will be on the Christopher Kane Fall 2018 Ready To Wear Collection!

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Chanel | Spring 2018 Ready To Wear

Hello guys,

Today we wanted to do a post on Chanel’s 2018 Spring RTW collection and we just simply wanted to rave about it. Now nine out of ten fashion posts we do are usually positive reviews on the collection or a specific product but it isn’t often where we stumble across a collection that we just love. To be entirely fair, we are both suckers for the brand itself whether it be their makeup or their fashion, but this collection really deserves nothing other than praises.

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