Hey guys!

So today we thought we would do a little post on a bag we have been loving lately! As it is spring now, it’s always nice to have a nice little pop of colour or just something small and easy to carry around everyday and we might have just found the cutest accessory for just running errands!


Hello guys,

Today we wanted to solely do a post on a very specific makeup tool. If we remember clearly, this is our first post dedicated to a makeup tool and that isn’t all too surprising. Mainly because once we find a tool we like we just stick to it and even when it needs to be replaced we just go out and buy the exact item again. We do try new tools but its rare to find one that we really love or one that we think can replace what we’re already using. Both of us use sponges or beauty blenders to apply our foundation, we rarely use brushes so normally its just a damp sponge and we genuinely believed that this is how we will be applying foundation for the rest of our lives.

BUT this new item is DEFINITELY a game changer.