Too Faced | Perfect Peach Foundation

Hey guys!

We know, it’s been a REALLY long time since our last post and we are sorry for not being more active! So the first post we thought we would do after our long hiatus is actually a foundation we have been trying out for quite a while now and have come to really really love so we thought we would share it with you guys! As you guys can probably already tell from the title, this post will be on the Too Faced “Perfect Peach Foundation”.

Peach Perfect Foundation_1

To start off, this is definitely one our staple foundations now. We know we say that about many makeup products but we seriously mean it. Usually when we apply foundation, unless we set it (sometimes even when we do set it) we get streaks or build up around the sides our noses but this foundation SERIOUSLY leaves no trace! For some of us with oily skin, this is actually a game changer as it DOES NOT BUDGE.

As it is winter here in Australia, the weather can be quite drying and so we do try to stay away from completely matte formulas as it can be just a bit too much for our skin but the formula for this is actually so creamy yet light at the same time. It does have quite a strong peach scent to it which personally, we did not like too much but after a while you do get used it. With many matte foundations nowadays, the formula does dry very quickly but we found this one to be one of the better ones and was quite easy to blend as well.

The finish of this foundation is matte although it is definitely a more natural, velvet matte finish, and overall gives you a nice glow or complexion without your skin actually becoming or looking very oily. The coverage we would say is medium to high however as the consistency is so soft and light, we found it very easy to build up and blend on the areas you would like just a bit more coverage!

The product itself, is apparently infused with real peaches and sweet fig milk which explains the peach smell! As we usually do prefer products that are unscented, we did find the peach scent to be slightly overwhelming however, after a few days of using the product, the scent was easily overlooked due to how AMAZING it made our skin look and feel!

To finish off, we do hope you guys enjoyed this post and feel free to comment below and lets us know your thoughts and opinions!  Please also free to check out some of our previous posts below!

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