NARS | Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Hello guys,

We are FINALLY back with another makeup review and it was extremely hard deciding which product to review first. After a very very VERY long discussion we finally decided on a foundation seeing that one should always have a perfect canvas (i.e. face makeup).

Today we will be reviewing the Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation by Nars and we firmly believe that as long as you are a makeup junkie, you definitely have at least one product of Nars in your all time favourites list. We both ABSOLUTELY adore their Sheer Glow Foundation as well as their Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser so when we found out that they released a new complexion based product we were super excited to try it out.

First off we want to warn you guys TO NOT USE TOO MUCH PRODUCT. We really didn’t know how much we were supposed to use because it was extremely watery and we thought that makeup the consistency will affect the pigmentation so we used a considerable amount of our face and unfortunately that resulted in us looking absolutely ghastly. The product is definitely the wettest foundation we have ever used and the texture of it did not affect the pigmentation at all and the moment you start blending out the foundation you see the coverage almost immediately. Now if you were to use just a thin layer then it would be somewhat of a medium coverage but if you were to then build up on areas where you need more coverage then you can easily achieve full coverage without your face looking too cakey.

Just don’t overdo it.

Secondly since we have different skin types we thought that we would test if this product would work better for specific types and to be completely honest it wasn’t too shabby for either one of us. However it did last a lot nicer on oily/combination skin type as oppose to dry/sensitive. With drier skin or patches of dry skin you can really see flaking or the overall dryness of your skin now that didn’t appear immediately, it only started to show up 4-5 hours in. However at the end of the day there was minimal – no streaking at all which was a huge bonus for us.

Especially since it is / was summer over here in Australia.

The overall finish of the foundation is somewhat natural but leaning a bit more towards the matte side of things so we think that this foundation is more suitable for the warmer seasons. Another thing we noticed is that the shade of your skin after the foundation is applied will remain the same throughout the entire day. Sometimes no matter how well we set our face, our foundation still somewhat starts looking dull towards the end of the day but with this one you are still left looking just as fresh as you did when you first left the house. So major plus.

Now just a side note, it does say to apply with your fingers but we still used a beauty blender as well as a foundation brush and to be completely honest, we didn’t see much of a difference.


Wow it feels kind of surreal just sitting infront of the computer and just typing away. Surreal but nice. But yeah, we took a solid break from everything and hopefully this time we’re back for good.

Now this is our first makeup post since we’ve gotten back on track with our blog so it might be a little bit winding but hopefully we got our opinions through to you but if you do have any questions as to what we mentioned above or if you wanted to ask us about something that we didn’t quite talk about then please feel free to leave us a message below and we will try our best to get back to you!

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NARS | Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation


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