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Hello guys,

So continuing on Dior’s 2017 Holiday Collection, we thought that today we will talk about their lipsticks. Now a collection is NEVER we repeat NEVER complete without lipsticks and Dior has a tradition of bringing out new Diorific shades each year but this year not only have they brought out new shades they have also changed the design of the tip.

However did it live up to standards? Keep reading to find out!


Since we already brought up the newly designed and shades, lets just start off with that first. This time they brought out a pointed tip applicator and lets just say we wish they had this feature for ALL lipsticks. IT IS SO CONVENIENT. Now they definitely aren’t the first brand to bring out this feature but it just works so well with the formula and the shades.

All five lipsticks are said to be ‘matte’ but to be completely honest they seem more velvety so the pointed tip design just works extra well in perfecting your pout. When colours are as intense as these 5 Diorifics we really prefer a precise applicator but sometimes when you’re on the go it really hard to to carry around a lip pencil or lip liner and with your normal lipstick tips it can also be hard to perfect the sides of your lip or the cupids bow. HOWEVER this lipstick just really completely wiped out this problem. The only down side is that it is a little bit hard to maintain the tip, you can sharpen it but then you do waste some product.

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In terms of formula when we compared it to the Diorifics we bought last time these do seem to apply more smoothly. Now we don’t know if its because we have had the old ones for nearly a year now but when we compared the two these do seem less streaky and drying. BUT do keep in mind that we are comparing these new ones to ones that are a year old.

Packaging wise it is just your classic gold Diorific casing. We love how Dior chose to use this collection as their go to holiday product simply because we think it just compliments the holiday season so well and the gold casing somehow makes it seem more festive. We heard some people say that they would’ve preferred it more if it had some bling factor added on but we honestly think it’s perfect as it is.

Like it’s already gold if you were to add some more bling to it wouldn’t it be just too much? Or is it just us two who think that way?

Well regardless of that it is still the inside that counts the most, which in this case is the actual lipstick. Now you honestly don’t need to purchase all five shades. We HIGHLY recommend 341 Pure Topaz, 741 Deep Ruby and 991 Bold Amethyst. These three are the ones we decided to go with after trying all five of them out. 751 Intense Garnet is nice but we feel like we already own that colour but you never know we might go back for it.

Anyway guys this is all we have for now. If you have any questions related to this product feel free to leave a comment below or if you simply want to share with us your opinions on these then also feel free to leave a comment down below.

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Dior | Precious Rocks Collection

Dior | Precious Rocks Collection | Diorific Khôl


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