Kylie Cosmetics | FALL | The Purple Palette

Hello guys,

Today we will be reviewing a product that we FINALLY got around to trying. We know that there is probably already about a million and one reviews of it floating around the internet but we still wanted to give our two cents on the product. So keep reading if you’re interested!!


If you’ve been following us for a while you would probably know that our favourite product from Kylie Cosmetics are their eyeshadow palettes. Everytime she releases a new collection we are always looking out for the palettes so you can imagine how excited we were when we heard that she was going to release a purple palette. However, unlike past experiences we were actually a little bit disappointed once the actual product came out. The overall tone of the palette is too cold for us.

Both of us.

Generally we prefer warm tones as they compliment out skin tone and eye colour more but we can also work with palettes that are a mixture of cold and warm but this palette is essentially cold to the core. The only shades that actually work for our eyes are Trophy, Amethyst and Purple smoke. Everything else just makes us look a little alien like when we wear it. The only way of us pulling it off is when we use it in conjunction with other palettes and even then we are only able to slightly use one shade from this palette.

Lets just say the chances of us hitting pan on any other of the 6 shades is close to 0.

We really tried to like this palette because pigmentation wise, formula wise, the staying power, everything else is up to par with a lot of other palettes that we love. The only problem is just how cool toned it is. When it comes to the formula of the palette it doesn’t seem any different from the previous palettes but we did have a little problem with the shade Lilac as it either seemed powdery at times or the consistency of that specific colour just doesn’t par up to the rest.

Overall we really do not recommend this palette to those whose complexion is a bit more on the yellow side unless you actually prefer cooler toned palettes. Seeing how we are basically only able to use three shades out of nine, this palette was kind of a bust so we are probably going to give it away to someone who can pull of cooler shades cause otherwise it will probably just stay at the bottom of our pile of eyeshadow until one day when we finally decide to clean out our makeup storage.

Okay guys this is all for now. If you have any questions related to this product feel free to leave a comment below or if you simply want to share with us your opinions on these then also feel free to leave a comment down below.

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Kylie Cosmetics | FALL | The Purple Palette




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