Chanel | Spring 2018 Ready To Wear

Hello guys,

Today we wanted to do a post on Chanel’s 2018 Spring RTW collection and we just simply wanted to rave about it. Now nine out of ten fashion posts we do are usually positive reviews on the collection or a specific product but it isn’t often where we stumble across a collection that we just love. To be entirely fair, we are both suckers for the brand itself whether it be their makeup or their fashion, but this collection really deserves nothing other than praises.

One of our favourite aspects of Chanel runways is the backdrop. They somehow always have the most creative settings and yes sometimes it may be a little ridiculous but somehow it just works with the outfits and you literally cannot imagine a show without it. Now we could only see it via our computer screens or phone but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t astonishing.

If only we could be there and personally see it with our own eyes.

The colour scheme for this collection is definitely one of our favourite and the idea of tweed just made it all the more stunning. Some of our favourite pieces featured a very generic silhouette that was then enhanced with the house tweeds while others showcased a cage like design. We loved the contrast from what seemed like a very daily outfit to one where you wouldn’t even know how to get dressed in let alone take off.

Now here we have selected a few of our ABSOLUTE favourites.

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Alright guys, this is all we have for now. What did you guys think of this collection? Was it what you were expecting or did it come as a complete surprise? Also which piece is your favourite? Did you also like the aesthetics of the cage like designs?

Feel free to share with us your thoughts and opinions.

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