Saint Laurent | Spring 2018 RTW

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Lately all we have been seeing is loud and eccentric fashion statements where the entire outfit will scream from head to toe and as much as we enjoy that kind of character it was nice to just switch to something more chic and raw.

Now this is where Saint Laurent steps in.

Their latest Spring 2018 RTW show screams everything we have been longing for. All the pieces had this provocativeness to it and we actually quite enjoyed it. Sometimes when all the clothes have a sexual sense to them, it can easily become sickening or just unpleasant but Saint Laurent seemed to have grasped the perfect balance in this season. We loved how some of the pieces were so on edge that one wrong move from the model could result in a major runway flash. But even so, everything sexual, provocative and alluring about this collection was done tastefully.

There are actually a lot of pieces that we would be daring enough to wear ourselves. But then we would probably take A LOT of security measures to make sure we don’t accidentally flash someone.

For us we probably loved the tops more than anything else in this collection. Whether it be the way the pieces just fall onto your frame or the flowy sleeves of the silk blouses or even the colour scheme of it, we just loved everything about it. The shoes and accessories definitely did add a bonus to the overall look but for us, nothing can overshadow the tops.

To us this was definitely a runway show that no other brand could have pulled off the way they did.

Now these are only a HANDFUL out of all the outfits we liked (which is nearly every single one) so please do have a look and tell us what you think!!

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Alright guys, this is all we have for now. What did you guys think of this collection? Was it what you were expecting or did it come as a complete surprise? Also which piece is your favourite? Feel free to share with us your thoughts and opinions.

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