Fenty x Puma | Spring 2018 RTW

Hello guys,

Now you most definitely have already heard people discussing the Fenty x Puma Spring 2018 RTW fashion show BUT we still wanted to do our little rave on the collection. We saw SO many instagram snippets from the actual show and literally no words can describe how jealous we were to not be able to see it in real life.

Every piece from this collection is perfection, whether it be the oversized track pants, scuba onesies, the numerous perfectly designed swimwear pieces or the footwear, literally name any item and it is a statement piece.

Rihanna even somehow made stiletto thong sandals work!! That is something we never thought we would say.

When you first look at the collection you might be overwhelmed with the designs and the colour scheme but once you actually look at each piece individually you will realise that there is actually a lot of detailing. Some pieces are more minimalistic but even those have characteristics in the smallest details.

Now it was REAL hard to not pick every single outfit but we somehow managed to cut it down to a few pieces that we just LOVED!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes we know, that’s still a lot of outfits.

Alright guys, this is all we have for now. What did you guys think of this collection? Was it what you were expecting or did it come as a complete surprise? Also which piece is your favourite? Feel free to share with us your thoughts and opinions.

Additionally, just a side note, didn’t you love Rihanna’s final ride?

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Images sourced

Vogue | Fenty x Puma | Spring 2018 RTW



6 thoughts on “Fenty x Puma | Spring 2018 RTW

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