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So yes it is another lipstick review today and yes once again it is from Dior. Now we know we do A LOT of lipstick review but why honestly can’t help it. It is one of our favourite makeup products and brands are literally just releasing new products left and right so what else can we do.

Anyway onto the actual post, today we will be reviewing the Double Rouge lipsticks by Dior so if you are interested, please keep on scrolling!


The main concept of this lipstick was to combine two current lip trends (matte and metal) and through a single application, allow for the user to create a more voluminous look. Currently we all know that matte and metal shades are in and plump lips are also in so the idea of combining all three into one product really intrigued our curiosity. The way they designed it is similar to a lot of balm based lipsticks where the center of the lipstick is a different shade to the outer parts. So the outer area is matte and the center part is a metal finish.

Now the question is does it work?

Yes and no. We understand the concept they were trying to achieve however because they completely surrounded the metal part with matte lipstick, as you apply it the centre colour automatically mixes with the matte shade so unless you clean it after every use, you just kind of end up with a metal lip instead of that more gradient look. Personally, we think if they really wanted to achieve more of a gradient effect they should’ve designed it so that the two shades were right under each other instead of having one shade in the centre.

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However with that being said we still think it works because if you are REALLY careful, you can still achieve that look and it is nice in the sense that you can achieve it all just with one lipstick instead of having to mix two or three different shades to achieve the look you want. We reckon with this lipstick it is either a hit or a miss so it depends on each individual and what look they actually want out of the lipstick.

Formula wise we don’t see any difference to their existing lipsticks so the only challenge was probably choosing two shades that would compliment each other. So overall we can’t say that this range impressed us because if you already have similar shades at home you can definitely just use those instead and probably be able to create a more ombré effect than you get with these.

Alright guys, this is all we have for now. If you have any other questions about this product, feel free to leave a comment below. ALSO if you have tried this please tell us what you thought!!!!!!!! Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you think the ombré effect actually worked for you?

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