Vans | Vans x Karl Lagerfeld

Hello guys,

Finally we have the Karl Lagerfeld and Vans collaboration!!!!! This is definitely one of our favourite collaborations of 2017. Not only do we love both brands individually, we also LOVE basically every single piece in the collection.

Now both brands have created a very iconic imagery for themselves so when we first heard of this collaboration we were a bit worried. They are both such big names in the fashion industry so what if the collaboration turned out to be too messy or just plain boring, we definitely had a lot of questions. However all of these worries and uncertainties just vanished into thin air the moment we saw the first photo. We didn’t even see the entire collection and we were already sold.

The colour scheme was of a monochromatic theme so that immediately was a plus. For us this meant that the pieces would be very versatile so you can essentially pair it however you want and can really mix and match nicely with what you already have at home (hopefully). The next hit for us was that you can IMMEDIATELY tell that this is a Karl Lagerfeld x Vans collaboration. Now silhouette wise, the design definitely leaned towards Vans; however imagery wise, they let Karl Lagerfeld take lead and fortunately they were able to create the perfect blend.

This collection definitely goes back and forth between street style savvy and runway approved classy. So the following images are a few pieces that we particularly favour from the collection.

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What did you guys think about this collaboration? If you are interested in any piece you should probably go look for it RIGHT now because before you know it, it’s probably already sold out. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out some of our previous posts!

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