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Today we FINALLY decided to write about Giorgio Armani’s FIRST EVER CUSHION FOUNDATION. We’ve actually been putting off this post for a while because we only wore it for a day or two and then we started trying other foundation so now we are finally back to Armani which subsequently brings us to this post.

With cushion foundation you either love it or loathe. So please keep reading if you want to know our opinion on this product.


Lets start with formula. When we first applied the foundation it was very watery and light which we love and you may find it to be sticky but if you just give it 30 seconds or so, the foundation will somewhat ‘self set’ into your skin and you are left with this near nothing feeling. Literally you feel as if you’re not wearing any foundation, you like just applied a thin layer of moisturiser or sunscreen or something. The coverage starts off quite high (around medium) but you can definitely build it up for high coverage. We actually both prefer just having it as a light layer because we feel as if that looks best and we are still able to cover a bit (mainly dark circles). When you build it up, the finish is still quite flawless and natural but in the areas where you have creasing or fine lines (e.g. around your eyes, your mouth, etc), the foundation starts giving off this build-up look. Maybe we applied too much but that is what we experienced so we normally stick to one or two layers.

The formula is said to be an essence-in-foundation type so the essence part is probably what causes the skin to initially have this sticky/tacky sensation to it. But like we mentioned earlier on, that feeling soon dissipates. For an essence-in-foundation formula, many may worry that it is too oily or it can be clogging but we haven’t experienced either problems. Now oiliness we can see happening during summer easily on the t-zone area however since winter just passed, we are actually loving the nourishing component of the item. We’ve both tried several foundations where it has an essence or serum or some sort of skincare product blended into it and majority of the time we’ve had problems. However with this one we have nothing but awes for it.

Staying power wise it is probably one of the better cushion foundations. Now the few times we’ve tried this product, we made sure to set our makeup so that definitely did help. We still say that it is one of the better cushion foundations because we’ve had experiences where even after we set it with powder or spray, the foundation still somehow managed to wipe off or just crease, etc. So if we were to compare it to previous experiences, this one is definitely in the lead.

The other detail we really love with this cushion is the sponge. Generally cushion foundations provide you with a round cushion so it is quite hard to really get in the creases or around your lips, etc. However with this product the cushion is actually pointed at the top meaning that it is A LOT easier to control. It is the perfect shape to fix your foundation around the mouth and the sides of the nose. Now that we’ve used this cushion, we actually can’t deal with the regular round cushions, it just seems so hopeless.

Now the next part is actually a little complaint that we have in regards to the packaging. It is a little too big for our liking. The whole idea of a cushion foundation is so that it is convenient to have on the go, this foundation just seems to be a little bigger than a lot of other cushion foundations we own. That is literally the only problem we have with this item. Oh, and maybe the fact that they should bring out more shades. But luckily the top of the packaging is flat so at least we are able to stack this product. Thank goodness.

Overall this is one of our favourite cushion foundations. So far we haven’t experienced any problems with this whether it be formula, colour matching or how it stays on our skin. If you naturally have oilier skin then maybe go test it out at your nearest Giorgio Armani beauty stockist before purchasing this because we can definitely see it being a bit too oilier for some people.

Alright guys, this is all we have for now. If you have any questions related to the post please feel free to leave a comment below or if you just simply wanted to share your thoughts on this product then please also leave a comment down below.

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