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Today we will be reviewing Dior’s newest foundation that is the Forever Perfect Mousse from the Diorskin collection. So without further ado, lets get straight into it.


From what we can remember this seems to be Dior’s first mousse based foundation. Either that or this is the first mousse foundation we have tried from Dior. For us we don’t have much thoughts on mousse foundation, we don’t love it but we don’t hate it either. The only mousse foundation we’ve used was the Maybelline Liquid Mousse foundation back in high school and that was actually a pleasant experience.

But enough of that, lets talk Dior.

When you first squeeze the product out, the consistency is actually quite dense. We imagined it to be very fluffy and airy but that didn’t seem to be the case at first glance. However the moment you spread it out you will feel just how smooth it is. Even when compared to certain liquid foundations, this one applies a lot more smoothly and literally within seconds, your skin is left looking flawless.


The finished texture is a mix between balmy and velvety. We say balmy because it feels a bit like a pore perfecting primer so the finished look is very flawless, all your pores disappear but unlike a pore perfecting primer, it feels less clogging. The term ‘melts into your skin’ is actually perfect for this product. If you want to go the extra mile you can always use a pore perfecting primer but we found that you can actually skip that step already and just use the mousse on its own. We tried it on top of moisturiser, sunscreen and primer and they all seem to work just fine. However if your skin is more on the oilier side of things then definitely go for a primer.

Additionally, this product actually consists of a skincare perfector meaning that your actual skin should gradually look better day after day. Now we haven’t used the product long enough for there to actually be a difference but as of today, right now as we are writing this, we do not see a single difference.

Now last but not least, how well does the product stay? This is a very subjective question because it depends on your skin type, how you prepped your skin, if you set your makeup, where you’re geographically based, what the weather is like, etc. So even if it works for us it might not necessarily work for you. We both tried it for a good 9 hours and we even managed to wear it whilst doing aerial yoga and there was not a little streak or crease anywhere. We can imagine the formula being a little too thick for summer but for our current weather conditions it is actually quite a good match.

All in all we would definitely recommend this mousse foundation as we don’t really see any flaws in the product. A little goes a long way so the 30mL should last you a while. However it would help us fellow buyers if they decreased the price a little. It currently retails for AUD$77.00 which is a little steep for a 30mL product.

Alright guys, this is all we have for now. If you have any questions related to the post please feel free to leave a comment below or if you just simply wanted to share your thoughts on this product then please also leave a comment down below.

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