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Today we are SUPER excited to talk to you guys about Dior’s FIRST ever Liquid Lipstick. Liquid lipstick has definitely been on the rise for the past couple of years so it is about time that Dior has finally jumped on the bandwagon.

So if you wish to know our thoughts on the product please keep on reading!


Even though liquid lipsticks are essentially the ‘it’ lip products, both of us don’t actually like it. We have a few exceptions where we surprisingly find items that we like (more often now than before) but we generally don’t favour them as much as other lip products. The main problem and perhaps only problem about liquid lipsticks is how drying it can be but luckily a lot of brands are now trying to create more hydrating versions which then allows us to enjoy the product more.

Now onto the main subject of today.

When we first saw the ad for the Dior Rouge Dior Liquid lipsticks we were SO excited, words actually cannot explain how ecstatic we were. However simultaneously we were worried. Especially with our history of liquid lipsticks. So when we finally got it in stock we ran STRAIGHT to the store.

The formula is AMAZING! It applies really smoothly and really evenly so if you control your applicator well you can probably get away with one swipe. You can build up the colour intensity, especially for the brighter and darker shades however they doesn’t make it feel any heavier or stickier on your lips. The formula definitely takes credit for how smoothly it runs on your lips however we must also mention the applicator’s design. The foam part of the applicator actually has a little dip in it (the section that touches your lip), so by having that dip, it is able to store product so that when you do glide it over your lips, an even amount of product subsequently follows allowing for a smoother application. Not sure if that made too much sense (hopefully it did) but the moment you see it you will understand.

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The other factor that is VERY important is the durability of these liquid lipsticks. When you first apply it you definitely need to give it a good half a minute to a minute to fully dry out and if you want you can probably dust a thin layer of translucent powder over your lips (to really set it). Afterwards we tested the lipstick over lunch and some snacks and we found that it actually stayed on relatively well. Now if we really tried, we probably could have wiped off 70% of the lipstick using just tissue paper. But even then, your lipstick still has a relatively even colour payoff. You can definitely do with some touch ups but it wasn’t a serious concern.

When it comes to flaws, we would probably say the scent of the liquid lipstick is a little bit off putting. It smells exactly like their Rouge Dior lipsticks but stronger, probably because it’s liquified. We don’t mind it, seeing that we have loads of their Rouge Dior lipsticks but it wouldn’t hurt if they changed it. The other thing is the applicator. Now definitely kudos to the design team for including the reservoir in the applicator but they could’ve also included a sharper tip so that it is easier to outline your lips. That small detail definitely would’ve perfected it.

Alright guys, this is all we have for now. We probably like a good 75% of the shades they have released so it is currently on our bucket list to slowly collect them all (along with the million other makeup products to collect).

If you have any questions related to this product please feel free to leave a comment below and we will try our best to get back to you. Or if you just want to share your opinion on this, please also leave a comment down below!!

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