Benefit Cosmetics | Boi-ing Hydrating concealer

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We are FINALLY up to the last part of our Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing concealer reviews. We never knew how hard it is to review four concealers consecutively. At the end of the day there is only so much you can say before you start repeating yourself.

So as much fun as it was, we are very glad to begin part 4 of the Boi-ing concealer review and it will be on the one and only Hydrating concealer. Therefore please keep scrolling to read more about it!


Out of the four concealers, this one is definitely the sheerest of them all. As opposed to it being a concealer it seemed more like a tinted cream, a very lightweight one for that matter. We have never really used sheer concealers so this definitely came as a surprise for us. The concealer itself is only the centre part and the balm outside of it actually consists of Vitamin E and apple seed extract to really hydrate and smooth out fine lines. This concealer was formerly known as Fakeup however neither of us have ever used that concealer so we can’t really say if the formula has changed or not.

This concealer will definitely suit those who have fairly dry skin or if you were after a concealer for winter then this is definitely appropriate. The outside balm area soothes your skin the moment it touches the surface. However for us, it felt a little bit too oily for our liking so if we wanted to wear this concealer, we definitely had to set the areas that we applied it.


The thing is the only area we would use this is the under eye area but you really don’t want it to crease throughout the day and you don’t want this to make your foundation move either. When we first applied it, it looked amazing, our dark circles were nicely covered, it looked hydrated and because it is sheer, the finish was very natural looking, not heavy at all so we were really stoked. If you are planning to wear this for more than 8 hours (which is what we did), then you might see some flaws starting to appear towards the end of the day however if you have a REALLY good setting spray or powder then those problems can easily be resolved.

Out of the entire collection, our favourite is definitely airbrush however this one is pretty close at second place. It is great for those areas that is a little bit dry and it is excellent for days where you want to go for that natural look. Additionally, it is the easiest the apply out of the four. It comes in a roll up tube so all you have to do is glide it onto your skin or dab it for smaller areas and then just pat it in with your fingers. (You can apply it with a sponge or a brush but we prefer using our fingers for this product). This application process makes it a lot more travel friendly than the other three and this can easily fit inside any makeup bag.

If we really had to pick a flaw out of this is that we can’t see ourselves reaching for it during summer but then again we would really have to wait till summer to then try it out. Who knows, it might work wonders. Additionally, they should REALLY bring out more shades, three is just too limited but we have this problem with all four concealers.

Alright guys this is all there is for the Boi-ing concealers. If you have any questions related to this product feel free to leave a comment below or if you simply want to share with us your opinions on these then also feel free to leave a comment down below.

Out of the four, airbrush, industrial, brightening and hydrating, which concealer is your favourite??? Leave a comment down below!

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Benefit Cosmetics | Boi-ing Hydrating concealer





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