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As you can probably guess from the title, this is going to be a post on Kim Kardashian West’s second beauty release for her KKW Beauty brand. As you guys probably already know, Kim previously came out with a crème based contour and highlighter duo (which you can read about -> HERE <- ) and for her second release, she has come out with a powder contour kit which we were kind of anticipating (we just somehow always thought she would do a powder contour kit).

So, if you guys are interested, keep on reading!

So these contour kits retail for $52 USD and come in a palette of four with 2 shades of highlighter; one being a more gold toned and the other being more pink toned, a bronzer and a contour. Apart from the actual palette, it also comes with a duo ended brush one side having a rounded tip and the other with an angled edge to it. It also does only come in 3 shades; light, medium and dark unlike the crème contours which came in 4 which we thought was kind of disappointing.

To be honest, we’re not a big fan of the brushes just because they are kind of hard to store and hygiene wise, the only way to have it around would be to have it lying on it’s side. It would be nicer if it did come with a cap or something just to make things a bit cleaner and easier. However, we do have to say the brushes are an improvement from the sponge tip of the first contour kit release!

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Now onto the actual palette, as we are on the more pale side of things, we would mostly only be using the light palette. The formula of the powders are quite soft however, there is quite a bit of fall out and in order to have a more smoother blended application, we found that you definitely have to tap the excess off first before you apply it.

The bronzer was very warm and quite intense on our skin while the brush made the blending slightly patchy. As we have more yellow toned skin, the warmer tone works a bit better on our skin than for people with more pink toned skin this would definitely not work if you are as pale as we are! The contour was better but quite mediocre and we definitely recommend using your own brush for application as the brush really does not help with the application of this product!

The highlighters though, we absolutely LOVED! So it is definitely buildable for those we want to be REALLY BLINDING but for those who just want a subtle glow, a little does go a long way as it is really pigmented so a very light touch should be just enough for a radiant glow!

All in all though, for the price that it is we did not think it was worth it as not only did the brush make application a lot harder, as the size of the brush heads were a bit too big and the bronzer and contour were a bit too strong for our skin shade and we wish they would make a wider range of shades. As it is a contour palette, we thought that there are many more other brands who do a better job and with similar prices. This is also definitely also not a palette for those who are new to makeup as the product and formula are definitely very hard to control and without proper blending will definitely be too intense and may come out very patchy. However, we do think that the colours in this palette would work very well as eyeshadows for us!

What did you guys think about this product? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out a few of our previous posts.

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