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Today we thought we would give our opinion on the highly highly HIGHLY controversial eyeshadow palette that is, Subculture.

So lets just not waste time and get straight into it.


By now you probably would have either seen or heard or personally experienced Anastasia Beverly Hills’ newest eyeshadow palette, Subculture. This palette definitely had a lot of hype (even before it was released) for two main reasons; one, because it is from ABH and two, it is a follow up to the highly successful Modern Renaissance Palette. This palette is definitely more of a grungy vibe so that straight away is a lot less wearable for a lot of people and most likely isn’t an everyday kind of palette for majority of its buyers (at least definitely not for us). However the colours are just too pretty to turn a blind eye too so it was still definitely worth a shot. Also because we don’t own ANY eyeshadow palette with this colour scheme.

The biggest talk of the town is definitely the amount of fall out you get along with issues in regards to blending. We have all experienced fall out at one stage of our makeup journey but more often than not we would turn a blind eye to it simply because it is bearable and you can work your way around it; however, this palette brought a WHOLE new meaning to the word ‘fallout’. You can literally see the palette crumbling away. No joke. The moment any remotely touches or even gently scrapes the surface of any shade, you will see fallout.

This is definitely the messiest palette ever.


HOWEVER we can’t say that it isn’t workable. Now this definitely isn’t our everyday kind of palette and we definitely don’t have the time to deal with the fallout especially when you’re in a rush but if we had a lot of time and was able to slowly get ready then perhaps this palette may come in handy. But when we’re traveling, this palette is definitely staying at home.

The other issue with this palette is that some shades don’t blend well with others. Each shade blended well enough on its own but sometimes when you mix the shades together the transition isn’t very clean or smooth. Perhaps this is what they were going for as this is a grungy themed palette so when you do mix the shades together you can create your own personalized grunge look so if that is the case then we actually don’t mind it. However so far we prefer using other palettes for base colours and maybe choosing one shade from this palette to use as a pop of colour to our eye makeup. Wearing just this palette on its own seems a little too much for us right now.


The easiest way to describe and critic this palette is to compare it to the Modern Renaissance palette. Pigmentation wise the Subculture palette definitely takes lead in the sense that it is the MESSIEST palette ever created (so far) but with that being said you literally need the tiniest amount and you are set so if you can get the fallout under control and be able to pick up an appropriate amount of product then this palette is actually really fun to work with. However if you are relatively new to makeup then you might want to stay clear from this palette for the time being.

Overall we can’t say that we hate this palette but it is definitely quite hard to work with. We love the colour scheme and we love the idea of it however it is just such a pity that the idea wasn’t executed in a better manner. We say this because the Modern Renaissance palette is just perfect, we do not have a single complain for the palette so in comparison, the Subculture palette definitely worsened in quality.

Okay guys this is all for now. If you have any questions related to this product feel free to leave a comment below or if you simply want to share with us your opinions on this highly debated palette then also feel free to leave a comment down below.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills | Subculture Palette