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Today we wanted to continue our Dior Metallics Collection review and since yesterday’s post was on their Diorblush Colour & Light (read here), we thought that this time we would skip to eye makeup, or in this case eye and lip makeup, i.e. Metalizer. Dior does have their line of cream shadows but from what we remember this seems to be their first metallic cream shadow that can be worn on both the eyes and the lips.

Alright, lets just get straight into it.

The Dior Metalizer comes in 7 shades (but Australia only got 6) and it is a cream formula that is said to be ultra-pigmented, easy to apply, quick drying, weightless and long lasting. Now like we said before, from what we can remember this seems to be Dior’s first time in creating a product of this sort therefore we were a little skeptical in their claims but nonetheless we were still going to give it a go and let the makeup do the talking.


Firstly, pigmentation. The moment we laid our hands on it we were told to just use a tiny amount as a little goes a long way so that is what we did and WOW, you really did only need the tiniest amount. The formula is super pigmented but it wasn’t blotchy or uneven which was a very pleasant surprise. In the past we have had experiences where these creamy or liquid based metallic shadows were pigmented but super blotchy when applied and the final look was horrific but we didn’t have that problem with these at all. We then thought that certain shades may apply smoother than others so we gave all of them a try and there was absolutely no issues with any of the 6 shades. So for pigmentation it was definitely a 10/10 in our books.

So after we were completely blown away with the pigmentation, we then went on to test all the other components. When applying, it can get a little messy simply because the colours go on so strongly so you have to be exact, there is literally no room for mistakes. Additionally you have to be really fast at blending them out because these dry faster than one coat of mascara, a lot faster. So the application process was a little tricky and not the cleanest either which is a little bit of a downside.

But A+ for quick-drying. (Which also isn’t always a good thing…….)

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The other mistake we made was using one colour over the ENTIRE lid. Now you have to remember that these are very pigmented, very metallic so when applied all over the lids, the colour just goes BAM. So this is actually one of those few times where we don’t know if we like just how pigmented it is. However, luckily the formula is very light so we were able to layer on other shadows to create a more wearable look which we guess isn’t too bad. But never again have we worn any shade on its own.

Now for the big question. Was it long lasting? For us we didn’t experience any creasing even when we applied other shadows on top and if anything, it seemed to make the shadow stay on better than it usually does which is definitely a plus. It would be nice if they create some shades that are a bit more neutral toned or just not metallic.

You might be asking, ‘Can’t you also wear these on your lips?’, and the answer is yes you can but we just choose not to. We tried. But we didn’t like it. At least not on their own. So similar concept with the eyelid, when applied on their own the colours are either too light or too dark and they just aren’t shades we would wear on our lips, especially #068 Silver Shock, #498 Green Magnet and #678 Bronze Tension. However we did find that it is quite nice to add to the centre of your lips after you’ve applied your lipstick. Kind of like a little accent to the lips or if you are bold enough you can definitely rock a full lip. Especially seeing how metallic lips are the trend right now.

All in all the product isn’t bad. The colours aren’t bad either but for us we really need to use them in conjunction with other products so that means that we don’t end up reaching for these very often. We can’t say that this is something you all should go out and buy because they retail for US$25.00 each and if you are going to use them like how we are using them, then it really isn’t worth the money. It is a gorgeous product but for us it isn’t versatile nor is it a must-have.

Okay guys this is all for now. If you have any questions related to this product feel free to leave a comment below or if you simply want to share with us your opinions on these then also feel free to leave a comment down below.

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