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Today we wanted to rave about the I WANT IT ALL palette from the Birthday Collection released by Kylie Cosmetics. It goes without saying that every time Kylie releases a new product, it becomes the ‘most talked about’ subject and it isn’t always positive.

So if you want to know about our thoughts on the I WANT IT ALL palette, then keep reading!



This palette consists of 9 pressed eyeshadows, 1 powder blush and 1 powder highlighter and retails for US$54.00. For us, this is actually a very acceptable price range seeing that you basically have your entire face makeup done and all in one palette (except for bronzer/ contour but we normally don’t use it on a daily basis). If you really wanted to you can even use the matte black shadow as an eyeliner especially if you were to wet the brush a little for an even more intense payout. Oh and it comes with a mirror so you can even use it on the go. This is definitely one of those palettes we would grab if we were running late in the morning or if we were going on holiday.

The overall packaging is definitely something we dig. Come on it is pink, it is glittery and it says I WANT IT ALL. The overall vibe was very Sharpay like and it’s just one of those palettes that puts you in a good mood just by looking it.

The palette itself is aesthetics.


For pigmentation (probably the most important part) we have nothing to complain about. But with that being said we generally don’t have any complaints in regard to her eyeshadow palettes. So the colour payout for the 9 eyeshadows is what we expected and if anything, they seemed just like the previous palettes. HOWEVER. Unfortunately some shades had just so much fallout. Now there is always fallout with her palettes but we seemed to have experienced just a little bit more with this one which was quite unfortunate. But it wasn’t anything we couldn’t work around with so we kind of just turned a blind eye.

Now for the blush and highlighter. We are LOVING it. There has always been a lot of talk around her blush and highlighters but we never really saw or understood why it was such a problem. Now sometimes we do like our highlighters to have a blinding effect and for our blushes to show up but other times we also like a very natural flushed look so that is when Kylie Cosmetics come in. Both the blush and highlighter in this palette is something a lot of people would consider to be on the lighter scale of things so if you wanted something blinding then this definitely ain’t it. However the blush is SO CUTE. It is probably one of our favourite daytime blushes. It reminds us a little bit of cherry blossoms. So very delicate looking and ridiculously cute.

Alright guys this is all we have for today. If you have any questions about this product please leave us a comment below and we will try our best to get back to you. However if you have already purchased this product and would like to share your opinions on it, please also leave a comment below as we would love to hear what you have to say about this.

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Kylie Cosmetics | The Birthday Collection | I WANT IT ALL PALETTE