Jeffree Star | Summer Chrome Collection

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So today rather than doing a review, we wanted to do a “watch out” post of a new makeup collection that we can’t wait to get our hands on! As you can probably tell by the title of this post, the collection we are currently dying to try, is the new Summer Chrome Collection by Jeffree Star! As there are so many lip products in this collection, rather than posting about everything single colour we thought we would just share with you a few of our favourite shades and products we love!

So if you haven’t tried Jeffree Star’s cosmetic line before, in our opinion, they do one of the nicest liquid lipsticks in the market and is also quite well known for having a stunning collection of highlighters known as the “Skin Frost” highlighters.

This collection features eight “Velour Liquid Lipsticks” and five “Lip Ammunitions” which you can actually buy in a Lipstick Vault bundle. So for those collectors out there, this is definitely for you!


For those who are do only want his liquid lipstick set, they also come in a bundle of eight liquid lipsticks in his “You. Better. Work.” Lipstick Collection.


Otherwise, for those who do just like single colours, can purchase them individually as well. Now, onto our favourite shades!


So Hunty is a gorgeous warm caramel nude. It’s often hard to find the perfect shade of nude and we thought that this is a shade that is more versatile for a range of skin tones as it is not too dark and not too light. As it is also quite warm toned, so we think it would be a more wearable nude and easily paired as well.

“Family Jewels”


Family Jewels is a more cool tone milk chocolate colour and as it is winter here in Australia, we thought this would be perfect for this weather! For those who love brown lipsticks, this we think is a must as it such a wearable colour especially as there is a hint of a reddish tone in there which makes it not too cool yet not too warm and can easily be used to dress up or tone down your look!

“Venus Flytrap”


Now this is quite a unique shade but we LOVE it! As Jeffree Star’s cosmetics are actually safe to apply on the eyes, we would actually use this to add a pop of colour to our eyeliner!

“Lip Ammo: Thick As Thieves”


This lip colour, is actually part of his lip ammo or cream lipstick collection released for this season and it is the darkest shade of the collection. It is a more warm brown nude and we think it would be perfect just dabbed onto the lip for that lived in lipstick look. It would also be really nice for a natural look and to just add a dab of colour onto your lips.

So, in this summer collection, Jeffree Star also released two “Skin Frost” in Summer Snowcone and Crystal Ball, the first being icy yellow glow while the second has a duo chrome effect with a STUNNING pink and blue shift. If you do prefer a more natural glow, Summer Snowcone works really well to give you a slightly warmer glow while Crystal Ball is definitely a more defined highlighter with an icey look to it.

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Last but not least, Jeffree Star has also released new flavours of lip scrubs which look AMAZING. So the flavours are Watermelon Gum, Blue Raspberry Sucker and Orange Soda. And apparently they taste SOOOO good!! Also, how enticing are the colours?!

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What were your favourite products from the collection? Also, if you have tried these, please let us know how it is in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out a few of our previous posts!

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Please note, we do not own any of the above images.

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Summer Chrome Collection


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