Urban Decay | Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette

Hello guys,

Today we wanted to share our opinions on the highly anticipated Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette when we first saw this collection we thought that we might do a post on the entire collection but then afterwards we really only opted for the eyeshadow. So if you are interested in seeing our opinions please keep on reading.

Before we continue lets just say that this palette really had a lot of hate before it was even released. We first saw the news about this palette on a Facebook link and all the comments underneath it were negative and majority of it was saying how there are already so many similar palettes out there in the market and a lot of them are cheaper so there was no need for Urban Decay to even release this. We completely understand where they are coming from but we still couldn’t help but be excited simply because all the shades in the palette is something we would use and would suit us. We still love the Naked 1-3 palettes but they’re too cold for us and we would always have to wear them with something else but this palette seemed like one of those palettes that we can just grab for on the go and be able to get away with.

Now enough with the small talk lets just get straight into it.


When you first swatch the colours they are amazing and every single shade just seemed perfect however when you actually apply it to your eyelids, a couple of the shades are actually really similar. We’re not saying that they’re the same but we do think that it would have been nicer if there was a little bit more diversity to the shades. Now the shades in this palette fit our taste perfectly so we don’t have much to complain about but we can also understand those who think that the range is too little or too similar. It would have been nice if they added an even darker brown than ‘Ashes’ and maybe even a gold just so that you can really create more looks for this palette.

The colours blend out gorgeously and you don’t need a lot of product for it to start showing up on your lids which is a definite plus for us. However if you like you can still build up the intensity of the shadows so that was really nice. For us some of these more red toned shades either don’t blend out well or they don’t build up nicely and you either have too little product or too much product but with the Naked Heat palette, this problem seemed to be none existent (so far).


Just a heads up, the other thing that we realised is that we can probably create most of these colours by mixing together shades from other palettes and even if it isn’t a 100% match, it is still a good 90% so if you have similar shades at home you can definitely mix and match and see what you can create out of them.

Now the staying power for these is probably what we would describe as ‘normal’. So just every single eyeshadow from Urban Decay which means that it isn’t bad. We have never actually experienced a creasing problem from any Urban Decay eyeshadow and we actually swear by their primer potions so we never have anything to worry about and neither do you (hopefully). HOWEVER, definitely still prime, don’t skip that step especially if you know you’re going to have a long day ahead. Don’t skip it and then blame the eyeshadow. Yes. We know people who do that.


Alright so our overall opinion on this palette is that we think it is worth. Now we are a little biased because it is the newest addition to their Naked series and sometimes you just want to collect it all. However, we will actually use EVERY shade in this palette so we didn’t see any reasons to not get this. But with that being said yes you can recreate these with other shades and yes there are cheaper alternatives but we are just really pleased with the texture, pigmentation, staying power just everything.

This palette did receive its fair share of hate but unless you have tried it yourself, it might be best to just lay off the negative comments for now. But if you have tried it and still thought it was not worth the price then you obviously have your reasons.

All in all we love this palette and we hope that you enjoyed this post just as much as we did with the palette. So this is all we have for now. What did you guys think of this palette? Was there a shade you particularly loved or hated? Did you think it was worth the price or just a complete waste of time? Please do share with us your opinions as we would love to hear them!! Also if you have any other questions, just leave a comment below!!!!

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