KKW BEAUTY | Crème Contour and Highlight Kit

Hello guys,

As you have probably already from the title, yes, we are going to be discussing Kim Kardashian West’s first EVER beauty release (excluding her previous collaboration with Kylie Jenner which you can read here if you are interested –> click here), It is without doubt that KKW Beauty was going to be a hit regardless what she was going to bring out simply and we were pleased to know that it was a contour kit BUT we thought it was going to be powder based not crème so that completely threw us off guard. Don’t know why but we just did.

So if you are interested to read our opinions then keep on scrolling.

This collection comes in four shades respectively light, medium, dark and deep dark. and for each bundle, you get a dual-ended contour stick with two shades, a dual-ended highlight stick and a dual-ended blending brush and sponge applicator. The kit comes in this packaging that reminded us a little of MRE meals and personally we are not a fan of it and the internet has already had its say on that so lets just skip this part. Next up is the individual packaging of the sticks and applicator and WE LOVE IT. We love the shade of the packaging and we like the size honestly the only thing that was disappointing is that plastic bag it came in.


So lets talk about the dual-ended contour stick first. It is really nice that each contour stick comes with two different shades as normally you only get the one so if you wanted certain parts more chiseled or just you prefer using a darker shade on your hairline or something then you would have to buy two separate sticks but with this you save all that trouble and it is very travel friendly. However with that also means less product so depending on how heaving your contour is, you will either use this up REALLY quickly or at a moderate speed. The formula itself glides on quite smoothly however it doesn’t blend out as nicely. The final look is a bit patchier than expected and when it comes to contouring we think it is safe to say that NO ONE would want a patchy finish. NO ONE. We think that if she is able to perfect the formula then a lot more people will like it.


Next up is the dual-ended highlight stick and one side is a gorgeous shimmer based highlighter and the other is a matte brightening / illuminating shade. This is actually our favourite product from this kit which came as a surprise for both of us. The highlight is said to be ‘intense’ but even for us ‘subtle glow’ people it is NOT intense. The only it is intense is when you don’t blend it out but otherwise it is more like a glow, very much like the Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters. So many people may not like that about it but we’re happy as it is. The other side is a matte brightening highlighter which you can use to just add natural light to without all the shimmer which is nice to add to your forehead, under your eyes and chin, so mostly areas where you would apply concealer to.


The last item is the dual-ended blending brush and sponge applicator and lets just say we had NO expectations for this whatsoever. Normally when a kit or palette or anything for that matter comes with a brush it normally isn’t the best thing and lets not even start with sponge applicators. But we were pleasantly surprised with the brush. It is like a mini dense kabuki brush and actually works really well with the product and other cream products as well so that was definitely a plus. But the sponge on the other hand……………… it is SOOOO hard and just really isn’t nice to do anything with so we definitely won’t be reaching out to that product. Also, if you accidentally rub it too hard or just have too hard of a force, you can actually rub off some of your makeup.


This kit retails for US$48.00 and we personally think it is a very reasonable price point in the sense that you get three different items and they’re all dual sided. But it would have been nicer if she also sold each item individually as some people may just be after a certain product and honestly, you can kind of just forego the applicator and if they were sold individually then the price point may be more acceptable for people.

Overall, we are quite pleased seeing that this is her first release and there are more positive points than there are negative however we don’t see it overtaking our current contour faves.

Alright guys, this is all we have for now. What did you guys think of this collection? Was there anything you particularly loved or hated? Please do share with us your opinions as we would love to hear them!! Also if you have any other questions, just leave a comment below!!!!

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KKW Beauty


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