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As you can probably tell from the title, this is going to be a post on the Vacation collection from Kylie Cosmetics! So Kylie herself actually announced this was her best collection to date with new and improved formula on her eyeshadow palette and a whole collection of new highlighters.

Being huge fans of the kyshadow palettes, we have been anticipating for months now, for a new eye palette release and the moment we found out it was coming out, we were like OH MY GOSH  we need it!!!

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So this palette consists of a mixture of metallic and matte shades. The colours in this palette are TO DIE FOR. We actually found that the matte shades are really pigmented and are actually easier to blend than her previous palettes. Her metallic shades though, were quite sheer on it’s own although with just a spritz of water on your brush, the colour builds up to become very pigmented. Which we guess, does make the colours more versatile depending on what look you were going for. The palette overall though, is quite light and summery and so if you did want to make a more dark smokey look, the colour choices may be a bit limited so we found it actually really nice to use this palette with the Royal Peach Palette for a more darker and more intense look.

The next product we wanted to talk about which is definitely one of our favourites in this collection, is the Wet Set which is four pressed illuminating powders which come in ‘Unbothered’ which is a rose gold, ‘Get A Way’ which is a deepened champagne gold, ‘Do Not Disturb’ a pinky silver and ‘Privacy Please’ a silvery champagne.

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Although being pressed powders, the formulas have this creamy texture to them and they are so soft. These highlighters are actually so BLINDING. They seriously had us like OH MY GOD. You will seriously shine from EVERY angle. We also loved how there were four shades in this palette which work well with a lot of skin tones and makes it versatile for a vast variety of looks. Now this is actually the only product that does not come in her Vacation Edition Bundle but can be purchased individually.

Not only did Kylie release a pressed powder set, she also released loose powder highlighters which are also just as BLINDING. These ‘Ultra Glow’ highlighters come in 3 shades and can only be purchased individually or in her Vacation Edition bundle.

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With these, you may be able to build up or lessen the intensity a little more easily and we found that if you do manage to find one that matches your skin tone, these give you the most lovely natural glow to your skin!

The next item, is the “Skinny Dip” face duo which we found was quite a versatile face palette for many different skin tones.

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We also think the darker shade “Sun Kissed makes a very nice eyeshadow colour.

Of course, with the release of a new collection, Kylie also released new lip products as well with a ” Send Me More Nudes” Matte Liquid Lipstick Set.

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So these also come in a Velvet Liquid Lipstick version in the exact same shades. We do wish the lipsticks came individually though as we did find some shades hard to match with our skin tones and washed us out which can easily happen with nude colours. However, we did find that these colours were easier to pull off than her previous KKW x Kylie Collection which you can read about –> HERE

Kylie also released one other lip kit called June Bug which is a vibrant violet shade.

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The shade itself is very pretty and vibrant however, it is definitely not a very versatile shade that many people would wear out except maybe for a special event.

Last but not least, Kylie released two super glitter glosses one called “Glitz” and the other called “Glamour”.

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These are VERY pigmented and GLOSSY. So Glitz is a light peachy gold while Glamour is a slightly darker shimmering gold. These do go on our lips true to colour. So if you are into the glitter lip gloss trend, these are definitely worth trying out!

What did you guys think of the Kylie Vacation Collection? What were your favourite items? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out a few of our previous posts!

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