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So recently, we discovered this new Urban Decay line of products and at first we were a bit sceptical as a lot of makeup removers always have trouble completely removing makeup in one go but we were actually SOOOO wrong!! These products were AMAZING!

So Urban Decay came out with three new Meldown Makeup Removers. One in a cleansing oil stick, a dissolving spray and a lip oil stick! The last time we checked, we haven’t actually received the lip oil stick remover so this will be a review on the cleansing oil stick and the dissolving spray.

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So the spray supposedly “mists on weightlessly and starts working on contact to instantly dissolve our long-lasting products in one swipe”. One spritz LITERALLY and you find all your face makeup just sliding off. It is not irritating at all on the skin as some more alcohol based removers can be! The actual product says it is oil free but we found out the actual spray just feels like oil completely but it is so gentle on your skin and does not feel clogging at all. We actually just wiped the product off with a cotton pad and found out all of our foundation came off in one swipe and our face felt SOOOO clean and plump! It was not stripping at all and our skin felt so hydrated and soft! It definitely does not leave any greasy residue so it’s perfect for all skin types!

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Before we get into this product, we just wanted to say it smells AMAZING!!! It literally smells like pears!!! So we mostly used this product to remove our eye makeup and literally just swiped in onto our eyelids and wiped it off with a cotton pad. This product literally removed everything! It has a slightly balmy oil texture but the moment you wipe it off, just like the spray, it leaves your skin feeling cleansed and soft! You could actually apply this all over your face as well and for the stubborn mascara, it might be easier to apply the remover onto a cotton pad and hold it to the eye for a minute.

All in all though, our favourite was the spray as it is the easiest to use. However, the balm is definitely less messy as with the spray, you might find your makeup dripping down your face as it literally just melts off! But all in all, these are probably one of the best and most efficient makeup removers we have tried and definitely worth trying out at least!

Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out a few of our previous posts!

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URBAN DECAY | Meltdown Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil Stick

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