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Today we are going to share our thoughts on the Powder eyeshadows from the new Ombre Première collection. The new Chanel Ombre Première collection includes a variety of items ranging from cream shadow to powder shadow to eyeliner and even brushes. But the two main items from this collection is the Longwear Cream Eyeshadow and the Longwear Powder Eyeshadow and these two items are also the two that we will post about. We have already posted our opinion on the Longwear Cream Eyeshadow which you can read about here if you are interested –> click me.

Alright now onto todays post; the longwear powder eyeshadow!!!!!


It is safe to say that you have already seen the Kristen Stewart ad where she is sporting the 16 Blue Jean powder eyeshadow (which is of course limited edition) on top of the 812 Noir Pétrole cream shadow. When we first saw the ad we went insane, we actually felt this little shiver that just went down our spine. Then as we looked through all the colours and played around with their little ‘LAYER.LOVE.REPEAT’ game, we were sold. Literally wanted every single shade. BUT deep inside we were a little skeptical just incase the saturation level was increased or something especially since the blue just came out so perfectly. All of this uncertainty diminished the moment we went instore to purchase the products. The sale assistants were all sporting Kristen Stewarts look in the ad as a form of promotion for this collection and the colour payoff looked EXACTLY like the picture.

Now next thing was obviously picking which colour to buy so we were swatching them but surprisingly we were disappointed with the payoff. The satin and metallic colours were gorgeous (most of them), especially 38 Titane (PERFECTION), but the matte shades were just so disappointing. For us the highlight was definitely Blue Jean, Verde and Désert Rouge but none of the colours were what we wanted or even expected. All three colours were not where as intense as we had hoped and for some reason they were also kind of streaky and even when you tried blending it out, it just isn’t as perfect as you would like it to be. Now we understand that blues, greens and yellows are hard to really perfect in a powder form, however we still can’t help but be disappointed simply because there are some REALLY nice blue, green and yellow eyeshadows out there in the market; especially blues, we’ve seen a lot of nice blues recently.

The shadows alone were a little disappointing but we still thought that we would give it a chance so we placed them on top of the cream shadows and THEY WERE GORGEOUS!!!!! IT WENT FROM 0 TO 100 REAL QUICK!!!!!! REAL QUICK WE TELL YOU! Somehow the colours just POPPED. Every single shade seemed to have suddenly just woken up from their slumber. When placed on top of the cream shadows, the result is exactly like that of the photos online.

You can find it here <; just scroll down to 24 Shades of Play, click ‘Get Started’ and you’re set.

Even the shades that were a little streaky turned out perfect. Of course the creamy texture of the base helped a lot in evening that out but it was still shocking. Now even though the colours are possible to perfect on a cream base, we were still a little disappointed with how it looked on its own. If they promoted this product as one you have to wear with a cream base then we wouldn’t have this problem but because it is also labelled as one you can wear on its own, it is disappointing.

However, on the bright side the staying power wasn’t bad and fall out also isn’t a big issue here. With a little bit of primer or just base, the shadow can stay on for a solid 8 hour day without a single tinge of creasing. If only they were able to perfect the colour payoff a little more then this would have been BOMB. These single shadows retail for US$30.00 and AUD$52.00 which is pricey for a single shadow but is understandable for a Chanel product. If we had to recommend a few shades it will probably be the nude/browns and Titane. Unexpectedly Titane became the highlight of this collection.


Alrighty this is all we have for today. This is purely our opinion so if you thought otherwise, we would love to hear. Definitely leave a comment!!

If you were able to only choose one shade which would you choose?

Also do you like the cream shadow more or the powder?

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