Urban Decay | Vice Special Effect Liquid Topcoat

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So this might not be the newest release out there but we wanted to do a review on these topcoats that is fairly new to Australia. As these topcoats contain quite a bit of shimmer and glitter, we were quite excited to try these as we all know, glitter can help enhance the image of a fuller pout and who wouldn’t want that!



So these lip toppers, do look like lip quite like lip gloss and can be applied alone or on top of lipstick to create a “special effect”. So they come in a selection of 12 colours ranging from a light white shimmer to dark blues, greens, reds and purples. We found that they actually create this lovely holographic effect and illuminates the fullest part of the lip to create a very 3D effect to any lipstick and give you a lovely full pout!


Although they are designed with the option of being worn alone, we actually found that the lighter colours such as the gold and white glitters were able to be worn alone as they did not show up very much. Brighter colours such as the reds and oranges worked quite well as lipsticks when used alone but the darker colours, were quite streaky and looked quite horrible when worn individually.


As the formula consists of mainly glitters and shimmers, when applied, those with darker colour shimmers inside tend to be harder to apply smoothly and even with a few layers, it was difficult to completely get rid of the lines on your lips! However, we found that when applied on top of a lipstick, the lines were less visible and unless someone was to look up close directly at your lip, it is definitely not noticeable!


The applicator, is definitely not the best as it is a brush applicator and does not help to smoothen out the formula really and we do think it kind of adds to the reason why the lipstick can sometimes go on streaky. However, the formula is SO LONG LASTING! After application, we found no glitter transfer whatsoever! They also do not leave a sticky feeling to your lips either and are really quite comfortable to wear as they do not dry out your lips although when first applied, you might feel a slight tingly sensation on your lips which is actually just the lip product locking in to your lips!

All in all, we found that this is a great product if you do love the glitter effect on your lips and you do want a product that will definitely stay all day! We do also think it’s not an absolutely necessary product unless you are into the more holographic look but definitely fun playing around with and worth checking out just to try out something new!

What did you guys think about this product? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out a few of our previous posts!

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