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Today we wanted to share our opinion on the new Longwear Cream Eyeshadows that were just recently released as part of the Ombre Première collection. The collection includes a variety of items ranging from cream shadow to powder shadow to eyeliner and even brushes but the two main items from this collection is the Longwear Cream Eyeshadow and the Longwear Powder Eyeshadow and these two items are also the two that we will post about.

But for today, its only the cream eyeshadow so keep reading for our thoughts!!

But if you are more interested in the powder then here’s the link (click me!)

Before we go any further into the post, we just want to say how much we anticipated this collection. We say this for most products but the eye makeup that Kristen Stewart wore in the ad is just incredible. It is impossible to look at that ad and not want to buy everything she’s wearing. Honestly. Never wanted blue eyeshadow this badly. So it is only understandable that we then went on to rampaging the site to see just what other colours it comes in and we were shook to the core.


There are 8 shades in total and each and every one of them are gorgeous. Now just because a shade looks gorgeous in the pot or even on the back of your hand doesn’t mean it will still look nice on your eyelids. Some of the shades were too light for us and we didn’t see the need to buy it as a base but some were perfect to wear on their own just for that little touch of colour while others are just perfect bases to help intensify the powder eyeshadows. Now the two products are designed to be worn together for the optimum effect but we wanted something that can also be worn with other shadows and preferably also on its own. So basically one (or a few) that is a little more versatile.


The shades that ticked our criteria are 802 Undertone, 806 Terre Brûlée, 812 Noir Pétrole and 816 Obscur. Undertone and Terre Brûlée are perfect as base colours to wear on their own and can work with any eyeshadow colour whilst Noir Pétrole and Obscur are both perfect to help layer and intensify power shadows and they are both the perfect shade to do smokey makeup with. But if you just wanted one between Noir Pétrole and Obscur then Noir Pétrole is probably a little better as Obscur might be too dark for certain colours to pop. Also Noir Pétrole is the shade they used on Kristen Stewart along with their powder eyeshadow.


One of the most commonly asked question about cream shadows is the staying power. We have used Chanel pots before and they have never let us down so we weren’t at all worried about this collection. We both wore it for an entire day without any eyeshadow primer and there was not a single crease to be seen. It stayed on beautifully and even when we were taking off our makeup, it looked the same as it did in the morning. Compared to their Illusion D’Ombre, these actually stayed on a little better (which is great news because it obviously means that they are doing something right) whilst still being just as creamy to apply. However if your lids are RIDICULOUSLY oily then definitely prime them beforehand but we can’t guarantee that these won’t crease at all. It really depends on each person.

These retail for US$36.00 and AUD$52.00 each so they aren’t cheap and it would be a major investment for a lot of people. They each have 4g of product and each pot comes with its own rounded brush. The pot lasts a VERY long time neither of us have yet finished any one of our Chanel pots or any pot for that matter, pots just last REALLY REALLY long and you hardly need that much. The rounded brush is also really convenient for those who wish to do their makeup on the go.

Oh and another good thing is that these pots don’t dry out very easily or at least none of ours have dried out.


Now we can’t exactly say that this is a must have as with every makeup product, especially high end ones there is always a dupe out there in the market. So as always, before you buy definitely try it out, see if it works for you and perhaps see if there is an alternative that works just as well. The two of us are major Chanel fans so we normally never let any new product slide but even we agree that it is expensive…………. its tough loving makeup.

Alright guys, this is all we have for now. If you have any other questions about this product, feel free to leave a comment below. ALSO if you have tried this please do share with us your thoughts!!!!!!!!

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