Urban Decay | Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection

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So Australia FINALLY received the Jean-Michel Basquiat collaboration so of course we had to get our hands on the collection being MAJOR fans of the artist himself! As it has actually ben so long since the collaboration came out, we actually thought Australia wouldn’t be receiving it all so when we found out that it has been released here, we had to get our hands on it ASAP.

So this collection was actually inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s legacy and it brings together the world of art and beauty. So to fully appreciate this collection, we actually think it’s very important to know the artist and research his art as the products pay homage not only with mini-reproductions of his actual artwork but with each colour that was made and the names of each shade and item. The actual palettes actually come with cutouts in the back so you can hang them to create a mini Basiquiat gallery! We were also expecting a cardboard material with the casing but were actually so SHOCKED to find that the casing of each product actually feels like canvas and is a lot sturdier and well made than what we expected!

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To be put in a blunt way, if you looked at these two eyeshadow palettes in a makeup perspective, you might find some of the shades especially in the Jean-Michel Basquiat Tenant Eyeshadow Palette, to be quite chalky or isn’t very smooth or pigmented. However, you will find the colours are almost an exact replica of the colours and shades Basquiat uses in his artworks. If you were to look at the shades from that perspective, you will find that the way the every single colour when applied onto your skin, reflects his use of colours and style of art. And in that way, the products were very well made.

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This was one of our FAVOURITES from the collection as the palette itself is very versatile and handy. So it contains 2 blush shades, a highlighter shade and a contour shade. Our favourite being the X-RATED shade which is actually a very soft pink blush which gives you a natural glow from within. JAWBONE, also really hit the spot for us, being not only a great shade for contour or bronzing, but a lovely soft brown which would look great as an eyeshadow! NOW’S THE TIME, makes a great highlighter color being a very light champagne colour which would look good on a lot of skin tones and would look lovely to highlight on the inner corners of the eyes while NOHO, despite looking quite a dark shade of blush, when applied, is actually a lovely pinkish raspberry shade.

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The texture of these eye pencils were OH MY GOSH, super creamy and literally glides onto the eye like SATIN! The colours of these eye pencils are just as vivid and bright as pictured and are definitely worth getting your hands on!

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The packaging of these lipsticks, were enough for us to decide they were a must have! The actual formula is quite long lasting and moisturising with no signs of feathering which is always appreciated!

All in all, thought that this was definitely a very well thought out collaboration and just one of a kind! We do seriously urge you to check it out as you never know when a collection like this will be released again and as everything is limited edition, do make sure you try the products out ASAP or you will regret it!

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MECCA | Urban Decay


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