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If you haven’t seen or heard about the new Koko Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics then … yeah you need to get out more. So basically the first Koko Kollection did really well which is why they decided to bring out another series.

Now to be completely honest we were a little disappointed at first because we REALLY wanted a new eyeshadow palette. Okay say what you want but we actually really like her palettes simply because they work really well for us so after the previous KKW collection we were expecting and hoping for a new eyeshadow palette. BUT then she announced that she was bringing out three new velvet lip kit shades so we were devastated; BUT she THEN said that she had a little surprise in stock so our hopes were back up again HOWEVER it turned out to be this release. (Yes it was a complete rollercoaster ride of emotions, just emotions everywhere).

Okay back to the actual collection or in this case, kollection.


The latest Koko Kollection consists of 3 matte liquid lipsticks, 1 gloss and face palette that includes a blush, a bronzer and 2 illuminating powders. You can purchase the 4 lip products for US$40 and the face palette for US$40 OR you can purchase them in a bundle for US$75. Now the thing about this is that it is always cheaper to buy them together but sometimes when you do that you soon realise that you didn’t actually need both. But technically the two products are really different from each other so if you do buy the bundle you can get both the lip and face products.

Now do we think that the price is reasonable? Yes. For US$40 you’re getting 4 different lip products so technically it is US$10 each; same with the face palette. But it might be better to also sell the lip colors separately simply because not all 4 shades is wearable for everyone and with lip products, if it doesn’t look good on you, you’re not going to wear it, ever so in that sense it can be a waste especially because you are unable to try these on beforehand.

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In our opinion, this collection is a lot more wearable than the KKW collection that was released like a month ago simply because the KKW collection was too nude for us (you can read our opinions on it here –> click me). But we still think that these lip colors require a full face makeup to really pull it off. All four shades are gorgeous and they’re all quite loud (except for the gloss) ESPECIALLY Doll, you can literally see it from a mile away, you will never miss it, its just impossible.

Do they go on streaky? A little bit, especially with doll because it is such a loud color so it is really obvious if a part of your lip is missing some color but its easily fixed you just literally need to go over with one more layer and you’re done. So we don’t think its a major issue like one extra layer isn’t the end of the world.

Is it long wearing? Its like every other Kylie lip. Its long wearing in the sense where you’re not constantly worried about eating your lipstick off but it is definitely not the most long wearing product in the market. Out of all liquid lipsticks its probably a 6/10.


Our favourite product out of the collection is definitely the face palette. Everything in the palette just works in our favour. So lately we’ve been really into bronzers so seeing that this palette included a bronzer (Hollywood Blvd), we were ecstatic. The shade isn’t the most versatile one out there, it might be a little too warm for certain skin tones but if this tone does work then lucky you. To sum it up, even though it isn’t mind blowing, we’re still quite pleased with it. The illuminating powders (Troop Beverly Hills and 90210) is just like the Kylighters so depending on how much you like your glow, you will either love it or loathe it. Pretty sure most people already chosen sides for that poll. Last but not least, but blush (Rodeo Drive). ITS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Probably the best part about this palette it is such a flattering shade and we’re quite certain that it can be worn on most skin tones and did we say how cute it was? For us, it came on a little like the Benefit GALifornia mixed with Dandelion. Like the blush shade isn’t anything special but its just one of those shades where it’s so lovable that you forget about any flaws it may have.

The pigmentation for the face palette is a hit or a miss. We say that because the bronzer and blush is definitely spot on, especially the bronzer but the illuminating powders really depend on how much you like your glow. For us, we’re happy with what we’re getting but we can see that it is a little bit disappointing for others. So this will really differ depending on each person.

Overall this collection is kind of an in between kind of vibe for us. We definitely dig the face palette a lot more than lip products. But with that being said, we will still wear all four shades so …… really torn.

However if you were to be like is this a must have? Lets just say you might want to check your drawers incase of you already have a dupe.

Alright guys this is all we have for now. If you purchased this product do share with us your experiences with the shades and which one is your favourite.

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