Givenchy | Matissime Velvet Radiant Velvet Radiant Mat Powder Foundation

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Continuing on with the new Givenchy foundation, we thought we’d also do a post on the powder foundation as well! If you wanted to check out the post of the liquid foundation, please -> CLICK HERE <-.


So this foundation, is mainly designed to be used on top of the Eclat Matissime Fluid Foundation to give a very flawless matte finish but can be used essentially, on top of any liquid foundation to give you that extra bit of coverage or to just use as a finishing powder on top of your foundation. After trying it on, we found that this powder foundation itself was one of the better coverage powder foundations out there!

When using the Givenchy Eclat Matissime Fluid Foundation, you might find that the product does not completely get rid of all the redness in your skin but topping off your foundation with this powder, we found that we actually looked FLAWLESS! It literally covers all your pores and redness!! And you literally don’t feel like you have anything on your skin! It will literally give you that natural airbrushed skin look which by the way, don’t we all want? And you will find that this will give you a much more matte finish than having just the liquid foundation on it’s own. Or if you do just want to increase the staying power of the foundation on the skin.

The texture of this product is actually very soft and velvety and was not dry at all for a matte finish product. And feels very light and sheer although gives you just the right amount of coverage. For days when your skin is looking and feeling great, or you feel like a very natural sheer coverage, this could work as a good foundation to just cover the pores a little and to minimise the redness!

The only downside though for us, was just like the liquid foundation, the shades are quite limited and we do wish there were more shades! So we do recommend having this foundation colour matched before purchase as having the wrong foundation colour always sucks!

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