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So as you can probably, tell from the title, today’s post will be on the Petal Skin Fluid Foundation which actually came out together with the Shu Uemura Petal Brush which you can -> CLICK HERE <- for more details!

So the brush and the foundation are actually purchased individually but were designed to be used together for a more flawless finish.

So this new foundation, is said to be inspired by the beauty of petals and captures the unique combination of both semi-matte and semi-glow characteristics in one formula to give a natural poreless coverage that emits soft radiance.


As we loved the Petal Brush so much, we were really excited to try the foundation and also because we heard so many positive reviews about it! However, we were actually quite disappointed when we tried it out ourselves.

We quite liked the fact that the formula itself wasn’t very thick and was more on the watery side while still having enough consistency to be somewhat creamy. But, we found it actually quite difficult to blend. As it was released together with the Petal Brush, we did use that originally to blend out the product but for some reason, it was really hard to blend evenly and it did not apply smoothly on the skin at all! We have tried the petal brush with many other foundations and they all applied on evenly and smoothly.

As it is a semi-matte foundation, we expected a slightly satiny finish but found the formula to give an overly dewy effect that it actually made our skin look quite oily and shiny but after drying, the shine was slightly less evident. Although the product was quite watery, after application, we found the foundation to be quite dry which may be good for those with more oily skin but the formula felt like after 10-20 minutes, your face could easily get SUPER oily! We would definitely set this foundation afterwards with a setting powder so it stays in place and to reduce the shine a bit more.

The actual coverage of the foundation though, was actually ok as we would say it is a light to medium coverage and is quite a buildable foundation for those who do want that little extra bit of coverage.

As far as we are aware though, this product has only been released in the Asia-Pacific region. And maybe because the climate in Asia is a lot more humid, the foundation would probably work a lot better and not feel at all drying on the skin however, as the weather in Australia is SUPER dry and getting drier as we are almost at winter, the product might not work as well.

Have any of you guys tried this foundation yet? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, please feel free to check out a few of our previous posts below!

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