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Hello guys,

Before we go any further into the post lets just say OMG AT THIS PRODUCT BECAUSE IT IS LITERALLY LIFE!!!!!!! Okay now since that is out of our system lets get back into it.


So Benefit Cosmetics decided to ruin all lives by creating this kit and basically it is the gathering of the Hall of Fame items if you will. There are five powders altogether, 3 full-size blushes and 2 full-size bronzers and these retail for US$58 (AUD$99) which is a HUGE bargain as if you were to buy these five separately they will cost you US$29 (AUD$51) each so you do the math.

It includes full sizes of:


  • Hoola – This is a matte bronzer and if you have ever used or heard of Benefit then you definitely know this award-winning product. We would even go as far as to say that this is legendary. It applies very softly so it works really well for fair complexions but can easily be built up as well for the darker complexions so all in all it really is an item that everyone should have. So versatile. We sometimes even use it to contour.


  • Hoola lite – Just like the name suggests, it is a lighter version of the classic. Personally we don’t really see the need for one as we’re quite content with the original but for those with REALLY fair complexions then this might be a better choice especially if you just want a very natural sunkissed look. This might also be a good choice for people who are just starting to use bronzers just so that you don’t end up with too much product or too strong of a product all over your face.


  • GALifornia – a gorgeous golden pink blush with a pink grapefruit and vanilla scent to it. So the moment you open the box you will smell this product it just kind of hits you. Now all the products have a scent to it but for some we think it is just the product scent but this item has a proper added on scent so if you are extremely sensitive to smells then this might be a bit bothersome.


  • Dandelion – One of the cutest baby pink blushes ever created. It applies on a lot softer than it seems in the box and the moment it hits your cheeks it just creates this gorgeous inner flush and really perks up your face. You can just wear this on its own with a bit of mascara some lip balm and just comb your brows and then you’re set. So cute!!!!!!!!!!!


  •  Rockateur – a provocative rose gold blush. We remember seeing this blush everywhere a few years ago and we’re glad that they haven’t changed anything about it. This one is probably the least wearable day to day blush in our opinion as the shimmer may not be for everyone. BUT when you layer this on top of GALifornia or dandelion, you are bound to be left with the prettiest blush of them all: it just adds a really nice glow to your face and when you mix and match it will seem like you’re wearing a different colour (just so its not so repetitive).

The palette also comes with a mini powder brush; it’s the same brush as the ones you get when you buy them separately (it isn’t the best brush out there but it is quite convenient and it still does the job). The box also comes with a tips and tricks booklet but it was kind of pointless.

The size of the box makes it quite ideal to travel with as you have five products in there and it comes with a decent sized mirror so that is really all you need for blush and bronzer. However it probably isn’t ideal to bring around for everyday purposes.

All in all this is just a MUST HAVE palette, it includes Benefit Cosmetics most iconic bronzers and blushes and you are seriously getting it for a bargain. We honestly can’t think of a reason to not get this and definitely no reasons to hate this. Even though we already have a couple of these items separately but IT WAS STILL NECESSARY.

Don’t judge.

Alright guys, this is all we have for now. If you have any other questions about this product, feel free to leave a comment below. ALSO if you have tried this please tell us what you thought!!!!!!!! Did you like it? Did you hate it? Do you also think it’s a necessity?

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