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Today we wanted to solely do a post on a very specific makeup tool. If we remember clearly, this is our first post dedicated to a makeup tool and that isn’t all too surprising. Mainly because once we find a tool we like we just stick to it and even when it needs to be replaced we just go out and buy the exact item again. We do try new tools but its rare to find one that we really love or one that we think can replace what we’re already using. Both of us use sponges or beauty blenders to apply our foundation, we rarely use brushes so normally its just a damp sponge and we genuinely believed that this is how we will be applying foundation for the rest of our lives.

BUT this new item is DEFINITELY a game changer.


We had our doubts about this at first and we kind of expected it to just be any other foundation brush out there, but the moment you use this you will understand why it is necessary to have this item in your makeup collection.

This brush was designed to be used with their Petal Skin Fluid Foundation which you can -> CLICK HERE <- to read more about. But over the past week we have tried it with other foundations we own (we still have more to try) and with every single formula, this brush has worked amazingly. The first thing we realised is that compared to a sponge or a beauty blender this tool mutes out your foundation. But in a good way. So the finish looks as if your foundation is actually melted into your skin so you basically look like you’re wearing nothing. This tool was able to tone down even some of our heavier foundations and we understand that some people might not like that look but you can still easily build up and won’t have that cakey finish. But with that being said, you actually use less product and you still get full coverage even though the final look is more natural. Its not full coverage to the extent where your skin looks unrealistically flawless but it is able to cover most imperfections.

The other major plus feature of this brush is the shape and the size. So the shape allows it to easily work with the different contours of your face and the size means that you can finish the job quicker. We wouldn’t say that this is a one stroke wonder kind of brush as you do kind of need to go over the same spot a couple of tones to really disperse the foundation evenly but there is absolutely no streaking.

Honestly we don’t know why they didn’t bring this tool out earlier, it’s amazing. This is how we imagine the Artis makeup brushes to feel like.

Now price point, this isn’t cheap but for a foundation brush we do believe that it is important to invest in a good product simply because no matter how good your foundation is, if you’re not applying it properly you’re not going to get the perfect finished look. These retail for AUS$85.00 and so far, it doesn’t seem like a lot of countries have actually released this so it might be a risky investment to make if you’re planning to buy this online as it is pricey. HOWEVER we honestly cannot think of any bad points about this so if you ask us, we say just go for it.

Alright guys this is all we have for now. If you have any other questions about this product, feel free to leave a comment below. ALSO if you have tried this please tell us what you thought!!!!!!!!

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