Vetements x Levi’s Reworked Jeans

Hey guys!

So today we thought we would do a post on one of our favourite pieces from the latest Vetements x Levi’s collaboration! You’ve probably seen it everywhere by now, but these jeans just give a new approach to the otherwise regular denim high-waisted jeans!


So these high-waisted jeans are designed from a washed denim and finished with zippers extending down the front and the back of the legs. They’re also slightly cropped which we love as it gives it a much more toned down casual vibe to the whole outfit. Our favourite part, is that it also has a zipper that extends from the front of the crotch all the way around to the back, which ends right at the top of the back of the jeans giving it that special Vetements touch! What we also love about this unique look, is the raw hems and the reconstructed look of the overall piece which Vetements is quite well known for, making it easy and versatile to wear and seemingly cool and casual. We would pair this with a plain t-shirt or a bodysuit with some ankle boots or converse sneakers!


Oh and did we mention it also comes in a black?!





What do you guys think about these jeans? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, feel free to check out a few of our posts below!

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