Dior | CARE & DARE 2017 Summer Collection | 5 Couleurs

Hello guys,

It seems like FOREVER since we’ve done a Dior post but in reality its only been a month or so since our Dior Addict Lacquer Stick post (here) so its probably just us. BUT we are SUPER excited to share with you our thoughts on the new 5 Couleurs palettes from their 2017 Summer Collection ‘Care & Dare’.

Normally with these seasonal releases we either like or we don’t and everything is decided within a minute. With this collection the ad itself didn’t really convince us to think that we HAD to have an item from it. Don’t get us wrong, the ad is gorgeous like always but it was very safe and nothing really stood out so we were just going to forego this collection altogether. HOWEVER we happened to walk past the Dior counter and BAM the palettes just blew our mind away.

557 Focus

With this collection they released two new shades, #557 Focus and #867 Attract (and boy did it attract us). Both palettes are very summery they’re both quite loud especially their point colour. Out of the two, #867 Attract is definitely more our preference firstly because it is a warmer palette and the colours just compliment our skin tone a lot nicer so this is the palette that we both went for. However if you are able to pull off cooler tones then we definitely recommend checking out #557 Focus, I mean that yellow in the centre is too gorgeous to just walk pass and if you can pull it off then, lets just say we’re really jealous of you.

867 Attract

Staying power wise they’re the same as any other Dior palette we’ve ever owned but the one thing that seemed a little different to us is the texture of the palette. All the shades seem to be a lot silkier and it transfers from the palette to your brush or finger or whatever tool you’re using a lot smoother which means that the colour does go on a lot more easily which is a MAJOR bonus for us. But the thing is we don’t know if we’re just going crazy or if we just like it so much that we finding other ways to compliment it, you know? But we honestly feel as if there is a difference in texture, perhaps they changed the formula a little, who knows but whatever it is they’re doing, they’re on the right track.

Now both of these palettes are limited edition colours and Dior palettes are pricey and you only get 5 shades in them but if you are considering investing in a high end palette then we really recommend you checking out these two before they sell out or before this collection ends simply because even though they are very summery colours they are actually very wearable as daily looks. You don’t have to use all the colours so if you think the statement colour (yellow and pink respectively) is too much for every day use then you just can skip it, the other shades in the palette have enough dimension in them to create a different look.

Alright guys this is all we have for now. If you purchased this product do share with us your experiences with the shades and let us know which one out of the two you actually prefer more.

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      1. I don’t think they do samples but there are testers usually for you to swatch or you can actually ask the ladies at the counter to try it on you! Which might be helpful so you can see which colors match your skin tone and whether you like the textures of the shadow!

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