Chanel | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Luminous Colour

Hey guys!

So today we thought we would do a post on a product from Chanel’s new Cruise Collection which we are loving! As everywhere else in the world (apart from Australia), is starting to hit summer, most brands have started releasing their summer collection with many going for the sun kissed look.

With that being said, Chanel has released a “sun-kissed version” of the iconic Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder which when applied, gives you a subtle yet natural tan.


What we loved about this product, was the fine gold particles in this product which might look like a lot when you first swatch it but after applied on the skin, gives you a very natural glowing look. Initially, we were a bit worried about how much shimmer was in this product to apply it to the whole face but if applied lightly, works really well to give you a lovely sun-kissed look!

This product actually comes in 4 shades from a soft pinkish beige to a dark bronze which can all come in quite handy. Being quite pale, for the darker shades, we would actually apply them as a bronzer or contour while for the lighter shades, if you didn’t want to apply all over the face, can be used as a highlighter or illuminator. Our favourite was the lightest shade though as it did have a bit of a pink tone to it especially for those days when you wake up with no colour on your face, a sweep of this would give you a lovely glow and definitely make you look so much more awake!

The texture of this product, was completely different from our expectations. As we’ve noticed with most Chanel products, their powders are usually very soft, silky and velvet-like and so when we actually swatched this, we were dissappointed to find the powder a lot harder than we expected. As we thought this would be like an illuminating powder, we thought the formula would be as soft as the Plissé Lumière De Chanel. I guess they did have to make the formula less soft as then you would probably get a bit too much of the gold shimmers on there so when you do apply it, you might come out just a bit too shimmery. With that being said, we thought the formula was quite similar to their powder foundations although a bit more on the sheer side so this would be nice to be put over your foundation.
Have you guys checked out this product yet? Let us know in the comments below, and if you haven’t already, feel free to check out some of our previous posts!

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