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Today we thought we will finally give our opinion on a product or in this case a set of products from Kylie Cosmetics. Ever since this brand was launched there has been a lot of talk about every product that has ever come out under Kylie Cosmetics and we’re pretty sure that this will continue on in the future. However because of all the opinions/ reviews or just heated debates about the brand and products, it can easily cause someone to have a set idea on the brand before they even gave it a chance. This kind of happened for us so we actually got our very first Kylie Cosmetics product quite late (sometime towards October last year).

Before we continue we just wanted to clarify that we actually like a lot of the products especially the eyeshadow palettes, it is actually one of our most used palettes and there may be betters one out there in the market but we just personally love the colours in the palette and that results in us constantly grabbing for it.

Anyways enough chit-chat, today we wanted to talk about the new KKW collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics. To be honest we don’t think we need to explain these products in any way because there is already a million and counting reviews and swatches out there and in each video or post everyone basically says the same thing over and over again. The creaminess, how easily it rubs off, the slight streakiness that is more evident in some shades than others and etc. So we thought that instead of repeating basically every single post or video out there, we are just going to give you our thoughts.

Seeing that it is a Crème lipstick there really isn’t much to say about durability and for texture it was just like any other lipstick out there, smooth, not too heavy on the lips and rubs on to whatever touches your lip. The one difference that we do wish to point out is just how odourless it is. We don’t actually know if we like that or not because we are just so used to lip products being scented even if it is the lightest scent in the world it is still scented. But with these it was like nothing. It gave us mixed feelings but it is a nice change from the classic Kylie Cosmetics Lipstick scents.

Now the most important thing is how the shades actually apply on. Everyone knows that Kim Kardashian West loves her nude lipsticks and these four shades honour the word ‘nude’ in every single way possible. For us the first three shades are actually unwearable. The only shade that is remotely acceptable is Kimmie which is the darkest shade in the set and it is still too light for our liking. When it comes to nude lipsticks regardless of what form it is in, we rarely go for the very pale shades as we prefer lipsticks to give us life not to wash us out so we normally go for the ones with a bit more colour in them. With that being said, Kimmie is the closest shade to what we would normally buy but it is very likely that we will choose another shade over Kimmie.

All four shades are gorgeous in their own ways but you really have to be able to pull off light nudes to wear these otherwise it’ll look like you haven’t slept or eaten in days. The thing about this is that there is no way of physically trying them on before you purchase but if you normally do wear light nudes and you want to risk it then give it a go. There is four shades in the set so you are bound to find at least one shade that suits you.

Now as we mentioned earlier on in the post, we actually LOVE some of the products from Kylie Cosmetics and it is quite unfortunate that our first proper post on this brand is a product that doesn’t suit us but we still think that the shades are gorgeous and for those who can pull it off, well we’re jealous. Additionally the price point for these are quite reasonable (in our opinion) as you get four full sized Kylie lipsticks for US$45 and these will probably last quite a while.

Alright guys this is all we have for now. If you purchased this product do share with us your experiences with the shades and which one is your favourite.

Additionally if you also can’t wear light nudes, well lets just cry together.

Hope she makes more Crème Liquid Lipsticks though.

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Kylie Cosmetics | KKW Crème Liquid Lipsticks



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