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We know this has actually been a super popular item for the past few months and this post is kind of delayed but we thought we would share with you our thoughts on the Urban Decay setting sprays! So if you guys weren’t aware already, Urban Decay relaunched their setting sprays and they come in 3 different bottles depending on whichever one you feel is a bigger problem area for you. They are actually all formulated with Temperature Control Technology which regulates the temperature of your makeup lower so it stays put! And we have to say they are THE BOMB!


All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

So we found that the All Nighter setting spray was the one to go to for all skin types. The finish of this was like a normal spray and we found it really nice to actually spray on our brushes and sponges before we applied our makeup and it gave our blush and foundation that extra POP! We were so shocked to find that this actually stayed on like no tomorrow!!! After spraying, you literally FORGET that you put it on and the moment you go to the bathroom for a touchup, you find that your makeup has NOT BUDGED at all and everything is COMPLETELY PERFECT! We actually wore this for a full day of work and went out for dinner and drinks after and when we actually got home and looked in the mirror, our makeup looked as fresh as it did in the morning (which actually kind of scared us HAHA). We also decided to test this out during a clubbing night and found that despite it being SUPER HOT and SWEATY inside the club, when we went for touchups, there was literally nothing to touchup!


Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

So this spray we would say would be for those with more dry skin or want a dewy look in their makeup. We actually love applying this to our sponge before foundation application as we found that it gives us a really lovely natural glow! As this one is more for hydration, we found that it does not stay on as long as the All Nighter but stays on long enough to last you at least 10-12 hours if you do have oily parts to your face and even longer if you have more dry skin! For those with oily skin though, we found that this does not completely prevent your skin from producing oil but does minimise it to the extent that it actually just looks like your skin is dewy and gives it a certain glow! Out of all of the sprays, we would say this one was our favourite for normal everyday use as since Australia does tend to be more of a dry country, we like to always keep our skin hydrated! We also love the finish this one gives as we are really loving the dewy look and we found that this spray does it really well!


De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray

We definitely recommend this one for those with oilier skin types and for those who want a matte finish! We found this one was actually TOO DRYING for us but it does definitely serve it’s purpose for keeping oil to the minimal! For those with very oily skin, spraying some of the spray in your brushes would probably help to completely safeguard your makeup other wise, we actually think just spraying this after makeup will completely get rid of all oil on your face! We found that this spray gave us the perfect matte look though and although we do get an oily t-zone or nose, this one completely makes sure our makeup is looking PERFECT throughout the day so much that it does not even get shiny! If you do have an oily t-zone, we found that this spray can literally last for 8-10 HOURS which we think is actually AMAZING!

If you guys haven’t checked these products out already, we think it is DEFINITELY worth getting one as it has become one of our staple items that we actually don’t know how we would live without it! If you do have trouble deciding, these also come in a 30mL bottle which actually makes a great travel size and a great way to try them out before getting a full bottle!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you haven’t already, feel free to check out some of our previous posts below!

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MECCA | Urban Decay


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