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Before we go any further lets just take a moment to slowly take in that ridiculously long title. Typing it felt as if we were writing the actual body of the post or something.

Alright now to the actual post.

Anyone who is a fan of stila will know that the original Metals Liquid Eye Shadow (yes we shortened it, please forgive us its just too long) is basically the best thing every created. The colours are to die for, the pigmentation is out of this world, the staying power is so good that it is actually a pain to remove (especially all the glitter) and you’re always left glistening whether the glitter is actually on your eyelid or just smudged somewhere else.

One word. Magnificent.


So when they came out with THREE duo-chrome shades we were both like ‘yep, definitely got to get us some of that’. As we’re writing this these shades aren’t available in Australia so you would have to buy them from Sephora US or any other stockist and then have it shipped over somehow, which sucks but hopefully we will be receiving them very soon. Anyways back onto the actual product, there are three new summer shades; Sea Siren which is a gorgeous pink shade with a blue or purple holographic look to it; Sunset Cove which is also a pink tone but this shade has gold to it; and finally Into the Blue which is the most eye catching out of the three and it is this crazy blue purple multicolor shade but once applied can also seem green at times.



Straight off the bat, Into the Blue is definitely the most eye catching as the other two shades seem a lot more docile in comparison. The three shades reminded us of mermaids, like these picture books we would read when we were kids so that kind of brought out our inner wannabe mermaid selves.



Anyways back to the actual product (keep going off topic today, wonder why), everything about it is the same as the original. The staying power is amazing, it is so easy to apply in the sense that you just need one swipe and it is opaque. BUT it can get real messy real fast, one wrong move or even just a dot, and your makeup will go from a 10 to a 1. Also these things dry really quickly so you don’t have room for mistakes, once its on, its on. The only downside with these is that even though one swipe is ‘opaque’, the pigmentation isn’t as intense as the original ones. It might be because of the duo-chrome pigments or something, regardless of what it is, it is definitely a bit sheerer than the original Metals Liquid Eye Shadows but it isn’t a huge difference so its not very obvious but if we had to nitpick at this then that would be the only flaw.



So there really isn’t much to say about these as they’re pretty much the same as the original just a change of colour. We’re not too sure if these are limited or not but if you are interested in them we would recommend you to hop onto whichever site you can think of and just order them right now. These may not be your daily eyeshadow choices but we can guarantee you that they are GORGEOUS. In fact they are so gorgeous that even if you never find a chance to wear it out, you won’t regret buying it simply because you know you have something this magical (looking) in your drawers.

Alright guys this is all we have for now. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to comment below or if you simply just want to share with us your experiences then please do as we would LOVE to know!!!!!!!

Also if you can only get one shade, which one will it be?

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