YSL | Eye Gloss Smudger

Hey guys!

Today we thought we’d do a post on another product from the YSL Shock Collection. So the YSL Eye Gloss Smudger, is literally as the name suggests; a gloss for your eyelids! As you guys would probably have seen around, the wet eyeshadow look is quite popular lately and YSL has definitely jumped on that bandwagon! As fans of the look ourselves, we thought we would try out this product as we have never actually tried something like this before!


So this product comes in a small transparent tube and is best applied on the eyelids with an eyeshadow brush. You could also use this on your brow bone to give it a glossy touch! We found the trick to this was to dab it on top of our eyeshadows as if you rubbed it across too much, it actually removed our shadow. This can also be applied on top of your cheekbones for a lovely glossy shine or over bare eyelids to give it just a little shine!

Once applied though, we found that it completely creased our eyeshadow which I guess is the look that YSL was going for with this product. We would definitely recommend putting this over a  big smokey eye for a grungey, messy look but not something we would wear everyday to work. Being asian ourselves, we found that as our eyelids are not very big, so once we applied it to our lids, the gloss would completely rub off all our eyeshadow as it was constantly being rubbed against the crease of our eyelids! It did however, give us a nice wet gloss look though so we were somewhat satisfied. Although this product claims to be non stick, it can be quite heavy and feel like you have super oily eyelids and kind of feels like you applied a balm over them.

However, we do quite like the idea of this product and it would be ideal for one of those days we decide to do a bigger eye shadow look which would give it that oiled up messy eyelid look that gives it a nice uneven finish with the eyeshadow creases going through. It’s definitely something we would keep aside for those days! We do think it’s something worth checking out though as it is something quite different and worth trying for fun!

Have you guys tried this product yet? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, feel free to check out some of our previous posts below!


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