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Today we will be talking about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette. Yes a lip palette. This is actually the first lip palette we have ever used for many reasons. Firstly there aren’t a lot of lip palettes in the market, at least not in Australia and second of all it just hasn’t been something that really drew our attention so we never gave it a try. However, one should always try new things and that brings us to todays post.


From first glance you can already tell that there is a lot of different colours going on in this palette. You have your nudes, your reds, pinks, orange tones and even a white, yellow, blue and black. So depending on what you normally wear, you will either love or hate this palette. Now we can imagine that for a lot people some colours may be too much. But do you know what’s the good thing about a lip palette? You can make your own. Now you can always custom design a shade with whatever lipstick you already have at home. But trust us when we say that it is very different from mixing with this lip palette.


Firstly, the lip palette comes with 18 shades to play around with, a mixing plate and a lip brush with a spatula on the other side. You can definitely wear the colours on their own but if you wanted to spice things up a little or if you were simply looking for a different shade, you can just custom blend.

Plus, isn’t custom blending the rave these days?

For us, we definitely prefer making our own shade as a lot of the colours were a bit too strong on their own. For intense the nudes came out a lot darker on our lips and it just doesn’t work with us too well so we will mix it with a bit of red or orange to give it a bit more colour. So for us the idea of being able to make your own shade was the main selling point. You may think that ‘Oh you can just mix whatever lipstick you already have’, but like we said before, it is very different. With normal lipsticks you don’t really want to ruin them so you either swatch it on your hands or your lips and then blend but sometimes you just can’t achieve the colour you want. Now with these, its very different because the texture is so soft that you can just use the lip brush to take out some product and mix it on the plate and you have enough for your entire lip. Or if you don’t mind ruining the palette you can use the spatula. Additionally these are a lot softer than lipsticks so it is a lot easier to transfer the product out of the palette.


Now the staying power with these are amazing. It lasted for a good 5 hours and in between that we had lunch and we even applied some lip balm on top as our lips were feeling dry but it still stayed on so we were very impressed. The downside to this is that if your lips are dry then it will definitely show up, so best to exfoliate and moisturise your lips beforehand.

The other negative aspect about this is the packaging. We weren’t very fond of it and we still aren’t even though the actual product inside has completely swept our feet away. Now it is hard to design it otherwise as it is a lip ‘palette’ but we thought that it might be nicer if it came with a mirror or something as the packaging kind of looks tacky. It is listed as a limited edition product but we are hoping that if they do bring this back, they can work on the packaging a little.

This is a limited edition product so if you are interested in it, RUN to your nearest Sephora. Seriously, run.

Okay guys this is all we have for now. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to comment below or if you simply just want to share with us your experiences then please do as we would LOVE to know!!!!!!!

Also, we shades do you use the most or which shades do you not touch at all?

Try guessing ours.

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