OPENING CEREMONY | Howard High-Top Sneaker

Hey guys!

We thought that today we would do a post on a new shoe that has recently been released by Opening Ceremony! So we’re actually huge fans of Opening Ceremony shoes as we find them really comfortable and very minimal and the style and shape of their shoes very versatile to wear with a range of outfits! So when we found out that they had launched a new shoe, we thought we would definitely write about it!

ST100309-2--IMG_1200-1462924351 ST97123-2--IMG_1200--253408523 ST100310-2--IMG_1200-740204535

So these are the new Howard High-Top Sneakers which were named after the OC’s Soho flagship store. They do remind us of the old school classic style high-tops which Converse and Vans are quite well known for but what we love is the use of the Opening Ceremony logo embossed along the rubber base and sole of the shoe! Which we feel just gives it that little extra touch!

ST100309-5--IMG_1200-1220359027                ST100310-5--IMG_1200--1868279751

So these also come in three colours; black, white and jade. The third being a pale green colours which can actually be quite easily worn just like the black and the white. We love that these can be worn essentially with any outfit on both formal and informal occasions  preferably with a more minimal colour scale.


What do you guys think of this shoe? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, feel free to check out some of our previous posts below!


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