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Today we thought we would FINALLY write about the new Dior Addict Lacquer Stick. To be completely honest we actually kind of got sick of waiting for the product to be released in Australia, it took nearly a month or so, maybe even longer; so when the product finally arrived, we had already lost the initial hype we had for it. But as you all would know by now, as if we would ever let a new lipstick release slide.

So what do we think about it?

One word. INSANE.

Now we didn’t have too high of an expectation for these because it just seemed like any high pigmented lipstick and judging from the ads it was quite glossy so we thought that the last power would also be mediocre. But surprise surprise, we got completely slapped in the face. The pigmentation of these lipsticks are OUT of this world. Just one swipe is all you need for a full blast effect and it is the smoothest, softest, most hydrating lipstick or in this case lacquer stick we’ve EVER used.


Honestly we don’t know where to start so lets just go with texture. The moment these lacquer sticks on your lips you will feel the difference. It is moist, smooth and actually screams moisture. But the surprising thing is it also doesn’t feel heavy. Normally with lipsticks that have a high level of moisturisation in them, they can end up being quite heavy to wear and sticky as well but you won’t find any of these things with this lacquer stick. It is as light as any normal lipstick just with the added moisturisation factor.

The next thing you would realise is the insane colour payoff. As your swiping it across your lips the colour just paints over it like it was photoshopped on or something and no matter how many times we apply this we’re still amazed everytime. Sometimes we would go over it as a reflex from how we always apply lipsticks but then we realise that there was no need whatsoever.


There is actually quite a good selection of colours, they released 18 shades covering 4 trends; pastel, neon, classic and wild. All 4 trends come with a lacquer stick that also comes with a complimentary nail polish. Our favourite is Tease and Sauvage (guess who likes which one). So if you really wanted to you could match your lips to your nails. Now we’re not too sure about everywhere else in the world but the classic range has completely sold out in a lot of stores that we’ve been to so we had to make do with the other shades and it wasn’t hard finding a shade that we loved but we are definitely waiting for the classic shades to come back in store.

These lacquer sticks are definitely already ruining our bias list so we are kind of hoping that they will release more colours especially nudes and some more orange based colours. Never hurts to have a bigger selection. Okay, our wallets are complaining but one can never have enough lipsticks.


The one other thing that most of you may be wondering about is the staying power and it isn’t the most long wearing lip product out there but for the amount of colour payoff and the fact that it moisturises our lips, we’re not going to nit pick at the lasting power. It stayed on for a good 3 hours and it isn’t hard to do touch ups with these nor is it hard to bring around so we didn’t see too big of an issue when it came to lasting power.

As you would have realised we have nothing but compliments for these lacquer sticks and from what we have seen they’ve been selling out like crazy. So if you were lucky enough and got your hands on one of these gorgeous lacquer sticks please do share with us your experiences whether it be good or bad.

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Dior Addict Lacquer Stick





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