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It has been a VERY long time since we have done a post on mascara or even the word mascara. Somehow with all the new releases and new found favourites, we’ve kind of pushed the whole ‘mascara’ step to one side. (We are not proud, trust us). However luckily YSL released their ‘The Shock’ mascara allowing us to remember the love we once had for mascaras.

For us YSL mascaras will always have a special place in our makeup drawers, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they were one of the first high end makeup products we ever bought and secondly even till this day, they are still one of our favourite products. So you can probably imagine how happy we were to see that YSL was releasing a new product but no we were not happy with how long we had to wait for Australia to finally stock it.


The easiest way to describe this mascara would be comparing to the original YSL Shocking mascara which you can read about here –> in depth deets. If you have ever used the Shocking you would know that it creates a very dramatic look with your lashes, but one too many coats can easily lead to some serious clumping. Some people love that look and for some it really works but for others, they may find it to be a bit too much but at the same time it is hard to find another mascara like the Shocking. But now it seems as if YSL has finally answered our prayers and they have released this new item.

The description of the item states that the mascara ‘coats each lash with maximum volume in just one stroke and without clumping’, that statement is half true and half false. For us, one coat of mascara was not enough, in fact no where NEAR enough. Even though the formula is quite wet and it was quite easy to apply, the mascara itself needed a couple more coats to really show its force. But our asian lashes really don’t help the point we’re making either. However, the ‘without clumping’ part is FOR REALS! Even after a few coats, there was no clumping in sight and your lashes don’t look too heavy either.


Nevertheless, we did realise that the final look wasn’t as dramatic as the Shocking which was a bit of a disappointment but at the same time understandable as the formula itself was a lot wetter and smoother. We wouldn’t say that this is a bad thing but if you were looking to replace the Shocking then we wouldn’t recommend this product as they actually create two different looks.

It doesn’t say that the mascara is waterproof but they do state that it is long wearing so at first we weren’t expecting much since the Shocking basically melted off after a while. However we were pleasantly surprised with this one as it stayed on perfectly. There was no smudging and at the end of the day your lashes still looked close to how they were when you first applied it. Or perhaps we’re just lucky as it is getting quite cold here in Sydney.

Alright guys this is all we have for now. Even though we quite liked the product, this isn’t something that will work for everyone as mascaras are either a hit or a miss depending on the individual. However f you have any questions about this product please feel free to comment below or if you simply just want to share with us your experiences then please do as we would LOVE to know!!!!!!!

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