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So today we thought we would do a post on a fairly new product for Australia in the Urban Decay range! So usually not being a big fan of liquid lipsticks, we were actually so surprised to LOVE this product SOOO much!! To be honest, we usually tend to stay away from liquid lipsticks. Although we know that they’re all the rave as no matter how many chances we try to give them, as we just find them too drying, too messy and we’re just not a big fan of the finish.

We decided however, while shopping why not give the the new Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks a shot and we never thought we’d say this, but OH MY GOSH we never thought we’d love a liquid lipstick so much!


So these are apparently waterproof and long-wearing formulas which come in a matte formula and a metallic formula! After applying them, we found out that they stayed on SUPER well, even after rubbing at our lips with a makeup remover and they were a lot less drying than many of the other liquid lipsticks we’ve tried. If you’re like us, and happen to eat your lipstick shortly after application, and find yourself reapplying lipstick every half an hour or so, this might be the PERFECT solution for you! As it is a liquid lipstick, it still does dry your lips after a period of time but it was definitely not as bad as many others we have tried in the past!


What really hit the spot for us though, was the formula which was very very creamy and velvety and the application was SOOO smooth! As liquid lipsticks do tend to be very pigmented and require exact application otherwise you might find yourself rocking the clown lips look, it is CRUCIAL that the applicator is well shaped and easy to apply! One of the main factors that we have found to be a problem in the past with lipsticks like these, was accidentally going over the edge of the lip and not rubbing it off in time! But we found that as this applicator has a flat side, it made applying around the mouth a lot easier! And did we mention the applicator is also SUPER soft????


While some liquid lipsticks although pigmented, tend to streak and require multiple layers, we realised we could just make do with one coat with the colours coming on super smoothly and evenly. Although if you do want a bolder look, applying several layers is fine too as this lipstick is very buildable! What we loved though, was that the matte colours after drying, did not leave a chalky dried out look on your lips and the colours were very fresh and vibrant while the metallic colours had small gold glitter on it without being too overly packed with shimmer! We also found it looked super cute layering a gloss on top and it’s also super fun experimenting with different shades of glosses on top! This might come in handy especially if your lips are super dry!


Additionally, what we found was also great was the prices of these lipsticks which were quite a bit cheaper than your usual designer lipsticks and a bonus for those who are too lazy to do touch ups every half an hour! We definitely recommend checking them out!

Have you guys tried this lipstick yet? Let us know what you guys thought about it in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, please feel free to check out our previous posts below!



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