ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS | Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Hey guys,

Today we have a very shimmering product to show you and lets just say it is BLINDING. The Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit was definitely an item that was quite anticipated especially since people are all about the glow these days so whenever a new highlighter is released, the hype is real.

This product was no different.

BUT the problem is that sometimes the product is so hyped up that when you use it, it is a little disappointing or even worse, a total disaster and the thing about highlighters is that you can tell within a second, you don’t need to wait it out to see the staying power, etc, but if it isn’t blinding or if it doesn’t show up on your skin, then it is basically game over. So with this release, we definitely had our hopes up because we are both MAJOR fans of Anastasia Beverly Hills but we were so worried that this will end up being a disaster.

Luckily for us it blew our minds away within the first second.


There’s six highlighters in the palette; Kitty Kat, Daydream, Forever Young, Forever Lit (this name just says it all), Glo Getter (This one too) and 143. With a lot of highlighters, they are gorgeous in the packaging but the moment you transfer it from the packaging to your fingers/brush and then to your face, the highlighters loses its colour and your face definitely isn’t glowing. But with this product the packaging actually doesn’t do it enough justice. Even though it is already gorgeous inside the palette it is somehow able to shine even MORE once it is on your face. When you apply its like these little shimmer particles finally expose themselves and you can imagine how pretty that is.

If you aren’t into the whole blinding look you don’t have to worry because this palette isn’t exactly a one swipe wonder either. Now it may be that we didn’t load enough product onto the brush or we just use less than others but when we first applied it there was enough glow for it to be delightfully visible but it wasn’t to the extent where it was blinding. But it is definitely buildable and quite easily as well because we got a little greedy and wanted to go in for a second layer but ended up with way too much for our liking. So this palette really works for anyone, regardless of their luminosity preference.

Another little wonder with this palette is that because there is quite a range for a highlighting palette, you can actually mix and match to create your custom glow. Two of our favourite combinations is Kitty Kat x Forever Lit and Forever Young x Forever Lit. Can you guess who prefers which? Or if you wish you can probably use a different shade for different areas to really shine bright, completely up to you.


Additionally we found that with some highlights even though they start off beautifully, after a couple of hours they disappear. No glow, no shimmer just a layer of ‘we don’t know what’ is left over. Now with these products sometimes you even feel the additional layer on top and lets be honest, that isn’t necessarily pleasant. But you won’t find any of these flaws with this palette. The glow is still there 6 hours after we apply it, even on days where we don’t set our makeup. There is no fall out, no disappearing of shimmer just no flaws, nothing, zilch.

IF we had to name a flaw, it would be the lack of mirror and possibly the packaging. But with how perfect the product actually applies on, we can live with that.

Okay guys this is all we have for now. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to comment below or if you simply just want to share with us your experiences then please do as we would LOVE to know!!!!!!!

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