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So today we thought we’d do a post on a new item that has just been released in the new Diorsnow collection! If you guys didn’t know, Diorsnow is the whitening skincare and makeup range in Dior which is generally targeted more towards the asian market. So last week, Australia finally released the new Dior collection in which one of the newly introduced item is the Diorsnow Compact Luminous Perfection Brightening Foundation which we love! To be quite honest, we were not expecting much from it but once we actually tried it, OH MY GOD!!! It was LOVE!!!!

According to Dior, this compact is to be bring you “a complexion budding with the bright, fresh perfection of springtime blossom” and now “features an innovative smart CCC™ texture: Corrects Shadows and imperfections, Controls shine, and ensures a long-lasting Comfort.”


What we loved about this compact, was the fact that it was SPF 20 which is quite important with the Australian sun and all. When applied onto the skin, we found that the powder was very fine and was almost like it absorbed straight into our skin! Being fairly pale, we loved the range of shades they had as it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect shade for some foundations and we found that this matched with our skin perfectly! This powder is definitely more on the sheer side but is definitely buildable. We would recommend wearing a foundation or bb cream underneath to give an overall more flawless look as this works really well to give a more natural yet airbrushed finish! We also found that when applied on, this compact just literally MELTS into your skin and becomes one! The texture is SOOOO soft and extremely fine and makes your skin feel soft and supple!

We also LOVED how light this powder was as after application, we almost completely forgot it was there! For such a light powder, we found that it covered our dark circles quite well and definitely evened out our skin tone! We also liked the fact that it gave us a more matte look which really helps control shine and oil yet at the same time, gave us a slight glow so we looked radiant although not enough to be considered dewy! As it was so light, we thought that this product would wear off in a few hours but we are surprised to find that it didn’t budge at all! Although on a extremely hot day, we would still recommend setting it with a spray!

The packaging of this product is also quite handy being quite flat, and compact, it makes it easy to slip into the handbag for touchups through out the day! It also comes with a sponge which has a more firm side and a more supple side so you can build up your coverage much more easily without looking too powdered up or cakey which makes it extremely handy on those days when you apply your makeup on the go!

So that’s all for today! We hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you haven’t already, we definitely think it is worth checking out! Let us know what you thought in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, feel free to browse through a few of our previous posts below!

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