CRES. E DIM. | Seoul Fall 2017

Hey everyone,

Today we wanted to do a very simple post on Cres. E Dim. Originally we weren’t going to actually post one on this brand but their 2017 Fall Collection just completely blew us away and we really needed to share some of our favourite pieces with you guys. Every single outfit from the runway was perfection and even when we looked at each item individually, we still loved it.

Being a Fall runway, it still included a few of the trends such as denim, red (in this case, more like burnt red-orange) and the track suit look however they still maintained the Cres. E Dim vibe. To us, Cres. E Dim carries a very rounded streetwear vibe so the pieces made be loud whether it be the design or colour but it is still soft around the corners which is why it is one of our favourite Korean brands, it’s just very wearable.

As we mentioned above, this collection consisted of some of the Fall trends but it still remains true to itself. Everything in the collection was very free falling so nothing seemed restrictive to the body which is why it was comfortable on the eyes (to us). You can probably understand this a bit more after seeing the pieces we picked out as our favourites. As usual, we obviously included some sort of denim in our selection but for us the main highlight of this collection was definitely the tops. Who wouldn’t want to get one of those delightfully baggy sweats that just look SOOOOO comfortable?

Now we only wanted to pick out our absolute FAVOURITES but you should seriously check out the actual collection as the whole thing was perfect.






Alright, this is all we have for now. We understand that not everyone will like this style of clothing but if you do please share with us your favourite piece!!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did, please feel free to check out our previous posts below!


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Please note, we do not own any of the above images.

Images sourced

Vogue | Cres. E Dim. Seoul Fall 2017


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